Handball, FTHB: the resounding feat of Frontignan in Pontault-Combault, the Final Four in their pocket!

Handball, FTHB: the resounding feat of Frontignan in Pontault-Combault, the Final Four in their pocket!

The joy was total for Frontignan Handball. DR

By winning by three goals against Pontault-Combault (28-31) this Friday, May 24, Frontignan Thau Handball will go to the Final Four in Sélestat!

The match


Espace Boisramé.

Half-time: 14-14

Referees : MM. Artes and Bolla

Spectators: 900

PONTAULT-COMBAULT : Cantegrel (2 stops dt 0/2 pen), Horvat (1 stop dt 0/2 pen ), Gustave (6 stops dt 0/3 pen) ; Lima (0/1), Pasquet (1/2), Zammit (8/10 dt 3/4 pen), Barthélémy (2/3), Bouity (6/7), Moran (1/2), Queiros (1 /1), Vucko (1/4), Toupance (7/9), Luciani (1/2)

Two minutes at: Padolus (22nd, 48th), Pasquet (32nd)

FRONTIGNAN THAU : Mesnard (7 saves dt 0/2 pen), Diot (4 saves dt 1/2 pen& nbsp;; Mesnard (1/1) Isnard (4/4), Camara (9/12 dt 7/7 pen), Leon Morales (6/8), Laurens (1/2), Tesio (5/9), Minne (0/2), Alexandre (0/1), Gaillard (5/6)

Two minutes at : Camara (6th), Leon Morales (42nd), Laurens (56th)

At the end of a return match which kept all its promises until the last second, the Hérault team obtained their ticket for the Final Four, joining Sélestat in the last four, host club, Istres and Tremblay, its future opponent in the semi-final.

By producing a match full of resilience, combativeness and generosity, the FTHB was heroic until the end to overcome its handicap from the first leg (31-33) and take revenge after last year's elimination in the play-offs against PCHB: "It’is nonsense, something crazy. This group, this club, it's just incredible. We're always pushing the limits a little further", underlined very moved the Hérault goalkeeper Kévin Mesnard.

A certain mastery

The success of the wingers Isnard and Camara launched the Hérault formation on the right track. If the latter had difficulty channeling the success of the rear base, it flexed its muscles to quickly take flight (6-9, 16th). This gap of three goals, which was enough for the happiness of the Muscatiers, was repeated five times, testifying to the overall domination.

Notwithstanding Pontellois discipline (12-12, 22nd; 16-16, 34th), the accuracy of Camara, the self-sacrifice of Leon Morales and the claw strikes 10 meters away Gaillard carried the visitors at arm's length (17-20, 39th; 19-22, 44th). The winning entry in the 50th minute of Maxime Diot, author of four consecutive saves, an iron defense and the vista of Tesio offered a saving +4 (24-28, 54th; 26-30 , 58th). The Frontignan right-back, author of 4 of the last 5 goals, single-handedly warded off the Ile-de-France threat. This 3rd victory in four confrontations against Pontault-Combault will go down in history.

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