Handball: in the derby, the Usam reserve must not spoil…

Handball: in the derby, the Usam reserve must not spoil…

L'ailier droit Rémi Peyre et les Nîmois espèrent bien damner le pion à leurs voisins héraultais.

Sunday March 31, the Usam Nïmes reserve (6th, 36 points) will challenge that of MHB (5th, 37 points) – 4 p.m. at FDI Stadium – as part of a late match on the 17th day. The opportunity for the Green team to strike a big blow in this derby.

This week, in the Usam Nîmes reserve camp, we prepared for the derby against Montpellier HB. ''We especially prepared for a match where we prioritized things, says Gard coach Grégory Arrivet. Firstly, if we win, we are officially retained, which is the objective. Secondly, the cake would be that we would go 3rd and we would be on the podium. And thirdly, the icing on the cake is this derby but, once again, it happens in a third phase.''

Annoying administrative error on the way out

On the other side of Vidourle, Usam has a big chance to play and can hit hard. On the first leg, it was an administrative sanction that hit the Green team, dying by one goal (28-29) in the end… hellip; green with rage following an administrative error, a player (scorer) not being registered on the match sheet. Five months later, it is in good working order and with ambition under their belt that Nîmes travels to Hérault for this late match on the 17th day. ''Everything is possible to those who dream, dare and work, points out Arrivet, whose team remains on three wins, a draw and a defeat since the resumption in February. We are the hunter and we see them right in front of us (MHB is 1 point ahead in the rankings). Hoping that, on Sunday evening, we will be the hunted.''

In this derby, Nîmes has only managed two draws in three seasons

Finally, Usam will not have much to lose against the reigning French N1 champion, ''a group that follows one another for quite a few seasons and was champion of France in – 18 years old, notes the technician. It’s a very solid team. This season, every time we said to ourselves that we had something to play, we missed the mark. I hope that, on Sunday evening, we can have a beer and tell ourselves that we are 3rd. In the wake of pro trainee Reyhan Zuzo – not used in Saran, in Starligue, Friday – the Nîmes reserve will try to seek a success that eludes them, year after year, in this derby, posting two small draws for three seasons.

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