Handball players involved in waste collection

Handball players involved in waste collection

Nicolas Minne et Kevin Mesnard, des joueurs de la Proligue engagés.

In partnership with the CPIE Bassin de Thau (an association whose aim is the development and promotion of initiatives for the ecological transition of the territory), Frontignan Thau Handball organized a "plogging" this Saturday, April 20.

Players, including those of the Proligue, supporters, volunteers, employees were invited to come and clean the surroundings of the Ferrari sports complex, by collecting waste in the green spaces surrounding the gymnasium. The harvest was, unfortunately, successful, AnaÏs from CPIE counted 192 kg of waste for a volume of 5,475 liters (more than half was plastic and paper and cardboard). With this action, the FTHB reinforces its commitment to the CSR Zone + program of the NHL (National Handball League) which is structured around 4 themes: the environment, the social, the fan, and the corporate.< /p>

Over the past year, the club has already organized a food drive, welcomed children from the Corniche Medical and Educational Institute in Sète, giving them the opportunity to experience a match and meet Proligue players. , supervised adapted handball sessions in retirement homes. And he is planning an open evening at the end of June to close the season in a festive atmosphere.

Socially active

" We are in a dynamic of actions, explains Camille Sarcy, marketing and communications manager. Having ashtrays and sorting bins available on match nights has already had a beneficial impact because if there are none, we do not sort and if there are, we can sort. Throwing away your cigarette butt in the appropriate place becomes easy and obvious. We work in collaboration with the CPIE Bassin de Thau, and think about waste, water management, transport with what is done, what is feasible in the short term, and in the long term."

With these initiatives, the FTHB is socially active in the territory outside of the cycle of matches and training. "It is our role as an association to give back a little of the support we receive notes Camille Sarcy. This action is not just to enhance our image but to create an ecological and social dynamic in the hope that our young handball players will become aware and adopt good habits."

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