Handball/Proligue Final Four: at Frontignan THB, we don’t change anything

Handball/Proligue Final Four: at Frontignan THB, we don’t change anything

Asier Antonio et les siens disputent la demi-finale, avec la seule envie de bien jouer. Comme d’habitude. MIDI LIBRE – Jérôme Belluire

Asier Antonio assures him, despite the light of the event, this Saturday June 1 at 3:15 p.m., the FTHB is keeping a cool head.

They have a date with history. Since this playoff match at Pontault-Combault (28-31 victory) where they reversed the trend, the table and the entire Ile-de-France room, the Frontignan handball players have entered another dimension. Tom Thumb is eyeing a national title.

An almost normal week

And yet, if emotion has taken hold of the Muscat people, habits have not changed this week within the walls of the Ferrari room. « We talked about the special side of this match, because there will be more light. But our objective is just to prepare for a match against a team that we have already faced twice », assures coach Asier Antonio.

The celebration took place last weekend, when the FTHB invited itself to the big leagues. But since then, daily life has been made up of analysis and physical work. An almost normal week… And even reassuring for the Frontignan technician. « After passing the roadblocks, it's normal that there is pride and joy. The group is happy to be able to spend another week together. Writing something historic together provides extraordinary sensations. What we experience is an opportunity. I imagine that there is a little stress compared to the scenario that we will find in Sélestat, but the group seems to me to be confident, happy and with good feelings on the pitch. It's perhaps a little more joking, but in the atmosphere that we usually know. When you are at Ferrari, you are not in the library. And when the team is like that, it’s because it’s on target. »

No one thinks about the end of the story

Opposite, the Frontignanais will find a Tremblay team which flew through the regular phase with only one defeat on the clock. Not easy. But this kind of consideration is not in anyone’s mind. As usual, once again. « We had two good matches against them this year, even if the results say something else », continues Asier Antonio. « Tremblay is probably the best team in the history of the Proligue. As far as we are concerned, the objective must be to renew these services. If they win, we will shake their hand and tell them good luck for the future. But in the meantime, we will only try to play well, without thinking about the consequences. It's been two months since we dropped three points in the rankings that we've been playing a final. The goal was first to try to play one more match at Ferrari, then another with this Final Four. Now that we're there, we're not going to think about the end of the story. We have just been playing, since the first day of the season, to be champions of France. Why would we change something that got us this far ? »

Tremblay/Frontignan, this Saturday at 3:15 p.m. in Sélestat. Live on Bein Sport. I subscribe to read more

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