Handball: the Frontignan THB between a spirit of revenge and the desire to move forward

Handball: the Frontignan THB between a spirit of revenge and the desire to move forward

Ayhan Alexandre and his team will have to play with the pressure of the favorite this Friday at home. FREE NOON – Jérôme Belluire

Asier Antonio's men host Angers this Friday March 29 at 8:30 p.m. at Ferrari.

The many supporters of the FTHB will have to give their voice again this Friday evening to push their troops to victory.

Opposite, it will certainly not be Tremblay. But Angers still has some arguments that should not be taken lightly. Fourteenth in Proligue, today's opponent has thirteen defeats, three draws and four victories. Including that obtained in the first leg against Frontignan… The first Proligue match at home was worthily celebrated by the Angevins (34-32), to the detriment of an FTHB then surprised by the euphoria of the promoted team.

Capable of good shots

Since then, ASCO HB has fallen into line, but remains capable of making a few moves like its draw obtained on the last day against Sélestat. And of his four victories, two were signed away…hellip;

For its part, the FTHB, sixth in the fight with Cherbourg (5th at a point distance but with one more match), is coming off two good performances. Winners in style at home against Cournon, the Muscatiers then suffered a defeat with honors at the hands of the ruthless leader Tremblay.

Harder mentally

It will therefore be necessary to confirm the good skills of the moment, during a match which certainly does not promise to be a gift. « The match at Tremblay was relatively easy mentally », says Asier Antonio. « We had the peace of mind of not having to win, because this match didn't really count for qualification. Angers will inevitably be more mentally complicated. When you make mistakes in this kind of match, they hurt your head more…hellip; »

Eight days remain, everything is still possible, including fourth place. As long as you avoid migraines.

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