Handball: Usam Nîmes, a (fifth) place to take

Handball: Usam Nîmes, a (fifth) place to take

Dupuy, Tobie et l'Usam (ici lors du dernier succès contre Chartres), toujours dans le coup européen. MIDI LIBRE – ALEXIS BETHUNE

Starligue/27e journée. Samedi 4 mai à 20 heures au Parnasse, l'Usam Nîmes, qui croit toujours à l'Europe, reçoit le mal classé Ivry. 

The mail arrived at the club headquarters at the beginning of the week. And that’s good news: it’s official, 5th place in Starligue at the end of this season will indeed have a continental destiny. The EHF will issue a wild card (invitation) to the lucky French club elected to participate in the preliminary round of the European League at the end of next summer.

The most surprising thing is that no one really seems to want a folding seat. Each contender stumbles in turn, like Limoges, held in check Thursday evening at the penultimate Créteil (32-32). Behind, Aix, Chambéry, Usam and even Saint-Raphaël, which has a favorable calendar, can believe in it.

President David Tebib: "We are still alive, despite everything"

Despite a sluggish championship (14 victories, already 12 defeats), the Nîmes are still in the game. Often, they win with difficulty and lose by a wide margin (witness the – 28 goal difference!), but they hang on.

"We are 4 days from the end and we are tied for 6th (before the matches on Thursday and Friday, Editor's note ): we're still alive! recalls President David Tebib. This despite an avalanche of wounded, including two leaders, defensive and offensive, Kamtchop and Sissoko; only one professional goalkeeper for more than a month (Baznik) and a context of transition. I say congratulations to the players and staff, who showed resilience."

Objective three out of four, including an achievement

You just have to finish strong. And to win three of the last four matches to see the top 5. The problem is that if the Green team receives Ivry and Limoges (playable, therefore), it must travel to the first two, PSG and Nantes& ;hellip;

"The final objective is the top 5, insists Captain Rebichon. We know that this will require an exploit outside, but we are capable of anything. We have already won in Nantes, and Paris has injuries, you never know… hellip; First of all, we have to start by beating Ivry this Saturday, because that will determine the rest. But as long as there is hope…"

This Saturday evening at 8 p.m. at Parnasse. The group: Baznik, Del Blanco (l.), Rebichon (cap), Vincent, Sanad, Peyre, Gallego, Poyet, Dupuy, Minel, Acquevillo, Konradsson, Gibernon, Tobie, Abdelhak, Zuzo. Injured: Demaille (l.), Kamtchop-Baril, Sissoko, Derisbourg, Antic. I subscribe to read more

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