Handball: ''We're having fun'', David Tebib takes stock before Usam-Limoges

Handball: ''We're having fun'', David Tebib takes stock before Usam-Limoges

''We have been playing at the top of the table for several seasons. The Limougauds are discovering it.'' FREE NOON – ALEXIS BETHUNE

Sunday May 26, Usam Nîmes plays its final against Limoges, at Parnasse, with a possible 5th European place in the event of a victory by four goals. Beyond this shock, President David Tebib is savoring this season.

''Saturday morning, we laid the foundations between us. And here is the result!!!'' After the XXL victory of Usam, Sunday, against PSG (33-32), Nîmes president David Tebib responded to this message. Against Limoges, the plan will be simple: finish at +4.

Facing Ivry, in Parnasse at the beginning of May (30-24), you no longer wanted to hear about Europe. And now ?

(Smile) It was necessary to protect a group affected in its flesh, psychologically, and already raise its head. I couldn't talk about Europe either because we didn't have any information from the EHF on the fact that we were going to have a 5th European place.

A time buried, do you feel the revengeful Usam before Limoges ?

No, I'll leave that to Rocky (laughs). The ‘’2’’ is called ‘’Rocky, Revenge’’. We are not in revenge, we are in the pleasure of having a season together. The favorite is Limoges. I remind all the analysts and columnists that Limoges has the same number of points as us and that, all season, we said that Limoges was extraordinary.

This match will mark the end of historic events. Special?

I am very moved. A lot of players are leaving us. I'm going to take out two: Benjamin Gallego, who is stopping his career and Quentin Dupuy (going to Dunkirk), a real child of Nîmes. Quentin, we had him eleven years ago at the training center. I hope that Parnassus will live up to the event, with the obligation to have an infernal Parnassus.

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