Handball: ''Yes, I'm not having the same season'', concedes Mohammad Sanad before Usam – Chartres

Handball: ''Yes, I'm not having the same season'', concedes Mohammad Sanad before Usam - Chartres

''Si tu fais une saison où tu n’es pas super, tout le monde dit que tu es inefficace, pas bon.'' MIDI LIBRE – MIKAËL ANISSET

Like Usam Nîmes (7th, 26 points), which hosts Chartres (12th, 17 points), Friday April 26 at Parnasse at 8 p.m. as part of the 26th Starligue day, Egyptian international right winger Mohammad Sanad is a little tougher this season.

Since his arrival in Gard in 2017, Mohammad Sanad, 33, has set the bar very high. From the right corner of the floor, the left-handed winger notably finished 2nd top scorer in Starligue over the last two years. This season, on the other hand, the Egyptian international shines less individually (21st, 4, 32 goals/match) within a Usam collective which is also below par.

How do you explain this two-faced Usam ?

It's a complicated season, it can happen. We got off to a good start, then we had more difficult times. There isn't necessarily a specific reason, it's lots of little things that happen together. From the outside, everyone sees that it’s complicated for everyone; for the player, the team, the staff…

And yet, despite 12 defeats, Nîmes is still in the fight for the top 5…

Yes, even with this complicated season, we are still in the game. There are five matches left, we are not going to give up. We have two home matches (Chartres, Ivry), that will give us a boost, do us good.

''I think everyone wants Momo gone (smile)''< /h2>

Personally, you are not fulfilling the season of your life. To what would you attribute it?

I don't know what to tell you. Everyone is used to seeing Sanad who scores 10 goals per game for six seasons in a row. If you have a season where you're not great, everyone says you're ineffective, not good. Yes, I'm not having the same season but, in the end, I'm still Usam's top scorer. I'm not saying that I'm having a crazy season, but I'm still here, I'm trying to give my best. It’s not a question of level because, in selection, I perform well. Maybe it's in my head. With Usam I started to have doubts in myself because of external things…

Like these rumors announced in the press placing you on the list of transferable players next summer?

I'm under contract until 2025. Now everyone is spreading rumors. I think everyone wants Momo to leave (smile). But I am proud to be from Nîmes next season.

The goalkeeper Del Blanco always replaces Demaille

The group: Baznik, Del Blanco (l.). Rebichon, Vincent, Tobie, Dupuy, Minel, Acquevillo, Zuzo, Konradsson, Gibernon, Sanad, Antic, Poyet, Gallego.

Absent: Demaille (elbow), Kamtchop-Bail, Sissoko (cruciate ligaments), Derisbourg.

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