Handiwork: leaders in recruiting disabled workers are about to raise nearly a million euros

Handiwork: leaders in recruiting disabled workers are about to raise nearly a million euros

Une partie de l'équipe d'Handiwork en séminaire à la montagne. Handiwork D.R.

Handiwork, a company which was formed to connect a local handling player with personnel from the Gard Rhone region, is gradually expanding to offer its services throughout France.

They are about to raise almost a million euros. "With Paris, we had just opened our fourth branch. But we have reached the limits of what was feasible only with a bank loan", summarizes Jean-Baptiste Honorin, director and co-founder of Handiwork from one of the vast work rooms of his company's premises.

All territory covered by 2025 ?

This is located in Bagnolaise lands, where another company of Jean-Bapiste Honorin, 16 30 training, already has its headquarters. It all started in 2017: "Basically it was to do something cool for the young people of the IME des Hamelines: See how we go about putting them on internship ? They can't go alone ? It doesn't matter, we'll bring them along! The company was created, and very quickly, other requests emerged. One thing led to another and they brought Handiwork to its current form, in full expansion with four branches in Marseille, Toulouse, Paris and Lyon and soon in Bordeaux, Nancy, Orléans, Amiens and Angers.

If the economic model can raise questions, Jean-Baptiste Honorin tempers: "To put it very clearly, we are not in a super profitable activity ." The discovery system, which offers short internships rather than employment under contract, does not bring in any money, explains the boss. Its mission is more philanthropic, but only represents a tenth of the company's activity.

Handiwork: leaders in recruiting disabled workers are about to raise nearly a million euros

Jean-Baptiste Honorin, general director of Handiwork. Midi Libre – Geoffrey Gavalda

20% remaining payable by the employer

Besides, without public funds, Handiwork would surely not do so well: "We have a multitude of financiers, and companies co-finance on average 20% of the cost of the device".

Our best customers are those who are above 6%.

Jean-Baptiste Honorin, general manager

Finally, there are the bigwigs, McDonald's at the top of the list, who, due to the employment obligations for disabled workers existing since 1987 for any company with more than 20 employees, are pushing for ;#39;Handiwork can assist them throughout the territory and achieve their 6% objectives. Otherwise, there is the risk of being inflicted with significant fines.

Nothing but the cold for profit ? Not so sure: "Today our best customers are those who are already beyond 6%. Once they have implemented an inclusive approach, they don't stop."

Let's bet that such a company will allow able-bodied employers to open their eyes to the multitude of profiles of disabled workers, many of whom are invisible and far from preconceptions. And if, for the moment, Handiwork focuses on trades that are learned "through gesture" like handling with 3000 trained people, the company which ensures to only offer what it masters plans to open up too to the hotel industry soon. And tomorrow, everything else ?

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