He rushes into a police car and goes on a chase: a motorist injures a deputy and an officer

He rushes into a police car and goes on a chase: a motorist injures a deputy and an officer

He runs into a police car and injures two people. (drawing) MAXPPP – Mourad ALLILI

This Friday, March 1, 2024, a motorist refused to comply and injured the sub-prefect of Moselle and a police officer.

Jacqueline Mercury-Giorgetti, sub-prefect of Moselle, was injured along with a police officer when they refused to comply. The events took place while she was accompanying a patrol of the specialized field brigade on Friday in Metz, reports Le Parisien.< /p>

Muscle injuries and trauma

In office recently, Jacqueline Mercury-Giorgetti was on the ground Friday evening alongside the police. "It was an immersion in a classic setting with the police and gendarmerie services, as do all the sub-prefects who arrive in post&quot ;, indicated the prefecture.

When a vehicle stolen earlier in the day is spotted, the BST police decide to investigate it stop, explains David Ghisleri, departmental secretary of the Alliance union. The agents "get in the way of the vehicle and decide to arrest its driver", but the motorist decided otherwise.

He deliberately drives "into the police car as well as the official who had already put his foot on the ground, thrown more than 4 meters due to the impact", specifies David Ghisleri.

A chase then begins between the police (the BAC) and the driver, but it will only be short-lived. The vehicle stops after its tires are punctured while passing an interception device.

The police officers "had to use their taser electric" at the time of the arrest. 

Although this incident could have been a real tragedy, two people were ultimately slightly injured. "The police officer suffers from muscle injuries and skin abrasions", says the trade unionist, quoted by RTL. The sub-prefect, who was in the hit vehicle, "was injured when she hit the front seat, she had trauma to her neck& quot;.

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