Health homes, replacement doctors… the Demain Pont-Saint-Esprit list announces these measures for health

Health homes, replacement doctors… the Demain Pont-Saint-Esprit list announces these measures for health

Valère Segal, colistier, et Gérome Bouvier, tête de liste de Demain Pont-Saint-Esprit. C.B.

The radiologist Valère Segal, running mate of Gérome Bouvier (Demain Pont-Saint-Esprit) for the early municipal election of Pont-Saint-Esprit on April 28 and May 5, proposes various measures to facing the shortage of doctors.

In 2014, Valère Segal was head of the list for the municipal elections in Pont-Saint-Esprit. For the early election of April 28 and May 5, the Spiripontain radiologist, Gérome Bouvier's running mate, is earmarked to be first delegated advisor for health and foresight in the event of victory. "He will also be on the community council to speak on the theme of health" said Tuesday, April 16, Gérome Bouvier, during a campaign press conference where the problem of health was discussed in a city where there is only one general practitioner left for 10,700 inhabitants. "We went from 11 doctors to 1 in 11 years, they retired. Bridge needs 15 doctors!" underlines Valère Segal.

"In Gard, the number of general practitioners fell by 12% between 2012 and 2023, it plummets in Pont of 91 % !" alert the healthcare professional. "The consequences are a lack of care for patients, a loss of opportunity […] 7 000 Spiripontains remain without a treating doctor".< /p>

A health center project in 2011

To explain this situation, Gérome Bouvier's running mate wonders about "inaction and inaction&quot ; of the mayor candidate for re-election Claire Lapeyronie, who according to him " blocked the road to all projects&amp ;quot; he regrets.

Including that of a health center, which he had "tried to set up in 2011". < /em>In vain, because, he believes, "the only project (extension) ~60 is favored ~em>of the hospital for 2025 – while it’is not competition !-, and out of anti-liberal conviction". "Valère had anticipated this health problem" underlines Gérome Bouvier. The running mates recall that in Bagnols, "there is a medical center, it’s the will of a mayor !"

In her campaign program, Mayor Claire Lapeyronie recalls that a health center will open in the first half of 2025, housed in a new hospital building, with doctors employed by the Region. Two doctors are announced from the next school year.

Multidisciplinary health centers

The Demain Pont-Saint-Esprit list proposes several measures to bring doctors back to the city: create multidisciplinary health centers, bring in replacement doctors, work with the ;rhodanian Gard agglomeration "because patients are flocking from small towns to large ones", identify patients without doctors to find a solution for them, develop teleconsultations with local doctors assisted by a nurse and also carry out preventive actions on obesity, screen addiction and promote healthy sport.

Advanced solutions to fight against "this lack of doctors which harms the attractiveness of Pont&amp ;quot; recalls Gérome Bouvier.

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