Heavy goods vehicle blocked, tragedy in Nîmes, puppy show canceled… the essential news in the region

Heavy goods vehicle blocked, tragedy in Nîmes, puppy show canceled... the essential news in the region

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Le salon du chiot annulé à la dernière minuten 2024

#MILLAU –The puppy show which was to take place this weekend in Millau was canceled this Wednesday. The cause ?  The legal past of the organizer Francis Duprat and the concealment of information from the City. During his trial in April 2003, the breeder was convicted of illegally importing 40,000 dogs from Eastern Europe. Francis Duprat, 70, is one of the largest dog wholesalers in France and is used to organizing this type of event. "I’do about two a month", he specifies. The next one will not take place in Millau in any case where the elected deputy for animal welfare, Nadine Tuffery, "felt that there was something that was wrong" in view of the organizer’s past.

Shot in front of his son

#NIMES –A 39-year-old man was shot and killed this Tuesday around 9 p.m. in Nîmes, in the Chemin-Bas-d’Avignon… where an operation “Place Net” last week. He was returning to his car in which his 8-year-old son was when he was shot. The child is physically unharmed. The man shot was said to be from Remoulins but also lived in Nîmes. He was followed by the sentence enforcement judge and has already been convicted in cases of violence, possession of weapons and drugs. The shots were allegedly fired by one or more of the four occupants of a Peugeot 208. This car fled, before being set on fire by the fugitives who then left aboard a ;rsquo;a second car. A few hours later, a suspicious Renault Clio was intercepted by police in the 14th arrondissement of Marseille. Three individuals were on board and were arrested. A Kalashnikov-type weapon was seized. Two of the suspects placed in police custody in Marseille are from the Arles region.

On Lévézou, Micropolis launches its 2024 season

#AVEYRON – "Our desire is to stick as close as possible to the nature and life cycle of insects", enthuses Marion Raynal, marketing, sales and communications manager at Micropolis in Saint-Léons. Since February 10, visitors have had the opportunity to discover a brand new animation called Mission Tropiques! imagined in the style of "treasure hunt". It will also be a question of helping Pipo the stick insect, a mischievous little insect, to find its way through the magical but dangerous world of the forest. And to come, a new space dedicated to the enchanting world of butterflies or the “Nocturnes de la Cité” organized during the summer will complete this catalog.

The number of the day:  19

#GARD –  "We will have to vote again after the new resignations", announced this Wednesday, Claire Lapeyronie, mayor of Pont-Saint-Esprit. The 19 running mates on the Spiripontaine Citizen Union opposition list indicated in a letter delivered to the town hall that they would not sit on the municipal council. Last episode of a long series marked by strong tensions between the majority and the opposition. Early municipal elections will therefore be organized within three months.

The truck stuck for more than six hours in a street

#MONTPELLIER – But what did he do in this mess ? A 15-ton heavy goods vehicle is remained stuck for more than six hours this Wednesday at the end of a street north of Montpellier. The driver of Lithuanian origin entered this dead end road thinking of ending up on the side of the Carrefour de Saint-Clément-de-Rivière. The problem: the street is not wide enough to turn around, so it is impossible for him to move forward and backward. "We have a heavy goods vehicle about every two months, says a local resident. But cars, at least forty a day!"

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