Hérault residents Anthony Jeanjean and Laury Perez win the Fise Montpellier for the first time in their career

Hérault residents Anthony Jeanjean and Laury Perez win the Fise Montpellier for the first time in their career

La communion entre Jeanjean et le public de Montpellier Midi Libre – Dorian Cayuela

Les riders de Sérignan ont enflammé le public du festival montpelliérain pour gagner l’étape de Coupe de monde. Une préparation idéale avant les Jeux Olympiques de Paris.

When he realized he had won, Anthony Jeanjean got off his bike, crouched down, put his head in his hands and cried with joy. Two days before celebrating his 26th birthday, 15 years after discovering this sport during a Fise Montpellier, the rider from Sérignan has finally put the test on his record.

This Saturday, May 11, 2024 will inevitably remain in his memory and of all those who experienced this success sitting on the concrete bank on the other side of the Lez. "I didn't imagine it was going to be so moving, he conceded with the French flag on his shoulders that Blues coach Florian Ferrasse had given him a few minutes earlier. I gave everything to win so I’m very happy. I remember my first steps here when I was 10 years old, on the banks of the Lez with my parents. Here I am now winning this competition, I'm very happy, it's a lot of emotions."

"This audience is incredible"

Like every year, thousands of people took their places for the final of the main competition of the Montpellier festival. This time, the speakers did not need to warm up the audience beforehand. When he saw Jeanjean and his blue French team jersey, the sound level meter exploded.

The crowd's cheers left their mark on the Hérault pilot who never tires of it: "This audience is incredible. Every year, he supports me and this year in particular, he helped me to win. It’s even better to do it in front of my supporters. It’s thanks to them that I managed to do it."

Second in qualifying behind Australian Brandon Loupos, the French rider had a very solid first run to first take the lead in the standings and finally make his direct competitor falter: "I wanted to do a perfect first run, that’s what happened. I secured the second because I still have a long season and I didn't want to get injured."

In search of Olympic gold in Paris

Anthony Jeanjean can now turn his attention to what comes next. With the French delegation, he is heading to Shanghai for the Olympic qualifying tournament before that of Budapest in June. The Sérignanese will then be able to devote himself to the biggest objective of his career: winning an Olympic champion title in Paris.

For this, nothing better than having won in Montpellier despite the absence of your two main opponents, the Australian Logan Martin and the Englishman Kieran Reilly. "I couldn't dream of better training than Fise Montpellier with the Olympic Games, he believes. This is the event that comes closest to what will happen this summer on the Place de la Concorde. This bodes well for Paris."

Two hours later, her club and French team teammate imitated her. Taking advantage of the absence of the best in the world, Laury Perez was strong enough to win the Fise Montpellier in front of those close to him. So, after two high-level appearances, she fell into the arms of Anthony Jeanjean and could not contain her emotion. 

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