“His last demon is getting his driving test!” : repeat offender, he assures that he is “trying to get by in life”

“His last demon is getting his driving test!” : repeat offender, he assures that he is “trying to get by in life”

The defendant, originally from Alès, was tried in the afternoon of Thursday, May 30. FREE MIDI – CHARLES LEDUC

Once again arrested for driving without holding a license, an Alesian sees an old suspended probationary sentence put into effect before finding himself in the defendants' box at the courthouse in the capital of the Cévennes. And be condemned again.

He has a series of repeat offenses. Aged 23, a motorist from Ales was stopped on February 29 because his 3-year-old child was not tied up in the back (he told him that he was tied up but did not was not in a child seat); and it then appears that he is positive for cannabis and that he is driving without a license. Tuesday, May 28, at 6 p.m., in the Tamaris district, he was seen driving again and checked by the police who knew that he was not driving. rsquo;is not a permit holder. It was for shopping, he explains.

"I’played ; I lost; I will pay the consequences…"

After a previous suspended prison sentence of six months was carried out, this young man is being tried immediately, this Thursday, May 30, at the Alès court."I’try to get by in life, even if the evidence today does not work in my favor", declares he told the magistrates, keeping a low profile. "I’played ; I lost; I will pay the consequences…" But Quentin Larroque, the deputy public prosecutor, does not forget his criminal record and notes that’"in freedom, he is in transgression and mocks justice", while in the box, < em>"he looks good". The prosecution requires eight months in prison and continued detention.

The defense hopes for an electronic bracelet arrangement

"His last demon is getting his driving license!", pleads Me Florence Mendez, for the defense, before looking into her client's situation in order to request an arrangement under an electronic bracelet. "We're moving forward little by little. He progresses in his own way…"

What is the sentence that the magistrates of the seat issue ?

The court opts for the prison box; he sentences this Alesian to six months, accompanied by continued detention. "For that ! ? !", then let the accused escape.

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