Horse riding: Caroline Mazoyer, work and tradition

Horse riding: Caroline Mazoyer, work and tradition

Horse riding: Caroline Mazoyer, work and tradition

Whatever the event, Caroline Mazoyer wears the guardian's outfit. Here, dressage. – MORGANE ROCHE

Horse riding: Caroline Mazoyer, work and tradition

Near the Remparts of Aigues-Mortes, maneuverability test for Alegria de l'Oustau. – MORGANE ROCHE

Horse riding: Caroline Mazoyer, work and tradition

Horse riding: Caroline Mazoyer, work and tradition

Le couple formé par Caroline Mazoyet et Alegria de l'Oustau performe depuis huit ans. – JODIE PHOTOGRAPHIE

Accustomed to continental competitions, the Saint-Gilloise is pre-selected for the French working equitation team with a view to the European Championships in October in Uzès.

Since 2017, this has become a habit for her. ''This will make my eighth European Championship in a row in which I participate, relates Caroline Mazoyer, 46 years old, international tricolor in working equitation. In addition to being a rider, I am also a trainer of young people, like Enzo Malaval and Maelys Carlotti, who will also participate in the European Championships in their category, young riders aged 21 and under.&#39 ;'

The tests of speed and sorting of livestock… it’s their hobby

At the La Reprise stable, in Saint-Gilles, things work pretty well. In all areas. And particularly in the career, when it comes to so-called “speed’’ and “sorting of livestock’’, where Camargue traditions work wonders, as Caroline Mazoyer  explains: ''Let's say that, in these last two events, we generally make up for the delay in the first two, dressage and maneuverability, where Camargue horses have less good locomotion than some horses of other breeds, with a broader and more elastic gallop.''

Third in the last French championships

At the height of her 14 years, Alegria de l'Oustau nevertheless has a little of all that. ''She's a champion'', affectionately says the Saint-Gilloise, who saw the birth of the one who won, in 2019, the “Prix Fanfonne Guillerme’, reserved for the best females.
Having climbed onto the third step of the senior podium at the French championships, in Aigues-Mortes, on June 15 and 16, Caroline Mazoyer, like seven other riders from Gard, will be on the track at the Haras national d’Uzès, where the European championships in the specialty will be held, from June 16 to October 21st.
''For the location where the competition takes place, it rotates every three years between France, Italy and the Netherlands , she explains. At European level, we are generally just behind Italy in the ranking.''

Sure of participating in the championship, not of being in the French team

From the dressage test, which opens the competition, where the couple is evaluated in front of a jury, to the sorting of cattle, the Camargue specialty, including maneuverability (course with obstacles) and speed (same course, against the clock), the Gardoise will try to shine.
Will she also be classified with the French team?? The question remains unanswered: ''On Wednesday, we pass the medical examination and, afterwards, we only know if we are selected for selection or not. Of the eight, four are. Even without being selected, we still participate. '' At work…

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