Horse riding: the Biterrois Paul Lautier, a whole life in the service of his passion

Horse riding: the Biterrois Paul Lautier, a whole life in the service of his passion

Horse riding: the Biterrois Paul Lautier, a whole life in the service of his passion

Le cavalier biterrois a brillé ces derniers mois. DR

Le cavalier de 25 ans met tout en œuvre pour continuer à grandir dans le monde du dressage.

Paul Lautier sees life through the same motto as his favorite club. He too wants to dream bigger. At only 25 years old, the rider from Béziers has established himself over time as one of the greatest French hopes in dressage. A status that has accompanied him for several years already and his beginnings in the discipline. « I have always been passionate about horse riding, says the Biterrois in his stronghold located in Vendres, where he received us a few days ago, far from everyday life and noise from the city. But I really discovered dressage at 12 or 13 years old, after going to a horse show. That day, I immediately understood that this was what I wanted to do with my life. »

A difficult discipline

The first pages of a passion that has never left her since. And which has experienced a major turning point in recent months. After several years of training his horses and offering his first big performances, like his title of vice-champion of France and an 18th place at the world level, Paul Lautier hit a very big blow, last fall, with his stallion Royal Black. An important step in building his career, before hoping to see further and quickly aim for promotion to Pro Elite. « This performance caught the eye of quite a few people. Several professionals came to see me,continues this great supporter of Paris Saint Germain, for whom the road to the summits still promises to be long, in a discipline where obstacles are numerous. If we don’ isn't a little crazy, or even completely crazy, we don't do that job. Sometimes I have doubts and wonder why I do all this. But it’s the life I chose and that I don’t regret for anything in the world. My horses, I love them. »

Various activities

And they pay him back. Beyond the support and training work that he carries out with the dozen horses he takes care of daily, Paul Lautier also runs training and coaching sessions for individuals. A versatility absolutely essential to exist in this environment. « Horse riding is a bit of a world apart and where everything is very complicated. It’s not like football where you have your agent who takes care of everything. In our discipline, we have to manage everything from A to Z, from training to finding sponsors and the daily management of the horses. I hope one day to have the chance to put in place a whole system to allow me to concentrate solely on the athlete, confides the rider from Béziers, whose ambitions will not be lacking in the coming years . Training horses up to the grand prix and competing with them is the dream of a lifetime with the Olympic Games. I know my journey will be a roller coaster, but I will fight until the end to get to the top. »

Individuals and private sponsors who would like to accompany or take lessons with Paul Lautier can contact him on 06 45 37 15 58. I subscribe to read more

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