Horse skills are taught at the Alzon Institute in Vestric-et-Candiac

Horse skills are taught at the Alzon Institute in Vestric-et-Candiac

It is in the superb setting of the Château de Vestric that students learn the horse profession. D.R – D.R

The Alzon Institute invites all horse lovers on Wednesday May 15 between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. to the Château de Vestric on the occasion of the Door Days open to its agricultural high school and training center.

It is in a superb location, located in Vestric-et-Candiac, that the Emmanuel-d’Alzon institute has chosen to establish its agricultural high school and its center training around horse professions. In addition to work-study training, training under school status is aimed at students from 4th grade.

With the main objective of helping the student to consolidate their knowledge, regain confidence in their abilities and thus encourage them to invest in their studies via an adapted pedagogy, in a context where nature serves both learning and the development of each person.

The program consists of 32 weeks of courses divided into 20 hours of general culture, 7 hours of professional modules, and 2 hours of personalized support. But also thematic weeks and 3 weeks of individual internship in a company for the 3rd year (in fields chosen by the student and not necessarily in the agricultural field).

A day to discover all the possibilities of these sectors

Technological education, in addition to traditional general subjects, allows young people to concretely discover professions linked to the environment, animals, agriculture, plant, landscaping, transformation or even sale. In class or on our grounds, students share common interests, develop new skills, and value each other in collaborative work and projects.

At the end of the 3rd year, students take the National Brevet Diploma. They will then be able to pursue very different sectors, which are not necessarily those of agricultural education.

During this day, students and their parents will be able to discover the eight training courses in agricultural, horse and animation professions. Visit the premises, infrastructure and studios (40 accommodations on site). And meet the trainers and teachers.

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