How Instagram and Facebook use your data to train their artificial intelligence and how to stop them ?

How Instagram and Facebook use your data to train their artificial intelligence and how to stop them ?

Une mise à jour prévue pour entrer en vigueur le 26 juin. dpa – Jens Büttner

Vos données personnelles sur Facebook et Instagram pourront être utilisées à partir du 26 juin prochain par Meta pour entraîner son intelligence artificielle. On vous explique.

You may have received a warning message recently when opening your Facebook or Instagram account. A message like we might get regularly, announcing an update to the confidentiality policy.

This has the particularity that it concerns the use of the personal data of its users, as part of the extension of the "experiences of Meta's AI says the message.

What information is used?

In the tab that explains "where Meta gets model training information", it is stated that "information is used that is publicly available online as well as information shared about Meta services and products". In short, publications, photos, captions… On the other hand, Facebook ensures that private messages are not used to train AI.

As BFM reminds us, Meta is developing its own generative artificial intelligence, in the same way as Google or Open AI.

It is however possible to object to this update by refusing to allow your personal data to be subject to such processing by the company. On Instagram for example, this page offers to fill out a form to justify opposition to the recovery of your data for AI training.

Possibility to object but…

Remains that even in the event of opposition, this must be motivated and validated by Meta's services. The fact that the company reserves the right to approve or not your request raises questions, under European legislation concerning data protection, raises France Info.< /em>

On the other hand, even if your request is accepted, in certain cases, data concerning you may still be used. "This could happen if you or your information: appear in an image shared on our products or services by someone who uses them or are mentioned in posts or captions shared by a third party on our products and services."

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