“I contest with force”: Patrick Pelloux, accused of moral and sexual harassment by Karine Lacombe, reacts to the controversy

This Sunday, April 14, 2024, emergency physician Patrick Pelloux, accused of moral and sexual harassment by infectious disease specialist Karine Lacombe, spoke on his Instagram account.

In the turmoil since Karine Lacombe's accusations, Patrick Pelloux has decided to break the silence and speak out about the controversy, via his Instagram account. This speech comes a few days after an investigation by Paris Match into gender-based and sexual violence in the hospital environment.

"This is defamation"

"I was stunned to learn from the Paris Match journalist the accusations of K. Lacombe and the rumors relayed in this article, which I strongly contest", these are the first words of defense of the emergency doctor implicated on Instagram.

And to add: "Rubbing against a girl when her back is not funny" , then "It’it’s not because at the time we didn’ say nothing, because we were steeped in guilt, because we were afraid of hierarchy and consequences, it was funny. No, not at all."

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