“I needed to go on an adventure” says Sylvain Fonte, passing through Béziers for his tour of France of the Multiprofessional Health Centers

“I needed to go on an adventure” says Sylvain Fonte, passing through Béziers for his tour of France of the Multiprofessional Health Centers

Sylvain Fonte est accompagné dans son périple par ses trois filles et sa femme.

Sylvain Fonte réalise un tour de France à vélo des maisons de santé pluriprofessionnelle (MSP) avec sa famille. Ce jeudi 28 mars, elle s’arrêtait à Béziers.

A tour of France by bike, the idea may seem absurd. Even more so when you are accompanied by your wife and three daughters aged 6, 7 and 9. However, it is the project of Sylvain Fonte, a physiotherapist from the Grenoble suburbs, who is going to meet the Multi-Professional Health Centers (MSP). And its journey is well underway, since the little family has already completed almost half of it. This Thursday, March 28, they were passing through Béziers.

"I needed to take a little distance, to go on an adventure with my wife and my children that I didn't see much anymore, explains Sylvain Fonte, also manager of an MSP in the Grenoble suburbs. I was tired of seeing, everywhere in the media, only what is wrong with the health system. Then, I wanted to go and meet those who are organizing themselves, inventing the system of tomorrow and who have the desire to get involved."

"A joint health project"

But then, what is an MSP?? "The basis of a MSP is, above all, a project with health professionals who have chosen to work together on a daily basis, to sign a common health project, details the physiotherapist. There is constant communication and coordination to improve the patient's health journey."

In Béziers, the MSP is divided into two establishments: one in the Devèze district and the other in the city center. It’s a working environment that appeals to medical students, due to its collective approach. It is also beneficial to the mental health of caregivers who are less prone to burnout.

"I found, within the framework of the coordinated exercise, a professional family, a solidarity in everyday life, a dynamic that does not ;rsquo;doesn't exist when you're in a single-professional practice", rejoices Sylvain Fonte. "This improves the quality of life of caregivers who are no longer alone with their decisions", adds Laurence Cassé, coordinator of the MSP of Béziers .

Since the start of his journey, the manager of the Grenoble MSP has met around ten MSPs, spoke at the national congress of the Avecsanté association and was able to discuss with Frédéric Valletoux, the Minister Delegate of Health.

The MSP of Béziers

The team can rely on: 6 general practitioners, 4 midwives, 6 nurses, a biologist, a pharmacist, specialists (cardiology, nephrology , cardio-pediatrics, neuropediatrics, geriatrics, pediatric surgery, angiology, endocrinology, interventional radiology, gastroenterology), 5 masseurs-physiotherapists, 2 advanced practice nurses (for people with ALD disease), one & nbsp;podiatrist, a dietician, a speech therapist, 3 psychologists, a psychotherapist, a psychomotor therapist, a gestalt therapist and an osteopath.

It is possible to follow Sylvain Fonte's journey on his LinkedIn account. I subscribe to read more

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