“I wasn’t living, I was surviving”: Lorie opens up about her endometriosis and the difficult decision she had to make

“I wasn’t living, I was surviving”: Lorie opens up about her endometriosis and the difficult decision she had to make

Lorie s’est confiée sur sa maladie. EPA – SEBASTIEN NOGIER

Ce 22 mars 2024, la chanteuse Lorie s’est confiée sur les douleurs provoquées par son endométriose. Cette maladie chronique touche 10 % des femmes en âge de procréer en France.

She recounts a chronic ordeal. Lorie spoke to RTL this Friday. Recounting the difficulties linked to her endometriosis in a book, "Revivre", published by Robert Laffont, she denounces the shortcomings in diagnosis, treatment in charge and monitoring of this very common disease.

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A difficult decision

"It’s in excruciating pain. Every time I lost consciousness", says the singer. His illness causes him powerful, disabling pain, which leads to significant fatigue: "Just crossing the street becomes a test of Koh Lanta".

This is why she made the decision to undergo a major operation. The removal of the uterus, or hysterectomy, helps in certain cases to soothe the pain often linked to periods. "So far this has been the hardest decision of my life. It’is a decision that is not taken lightly", remembers Lorie.

She now knows that it was the best thing to do: "It was freeing. With this pain, I was not living, I was surviving. It ruined my life. I was forced to adapt my whole life to these pains."

The importance of good follow-up

It takes several years to be diagnosed. On average in France, patients spend seven years explaining their symptoms, undergoing examinations and consulting different specialists before understanding the origin of their pain, deplores the dedicated association EndoFrance.

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"Be careful, change, go see another opinion", advises Lorie. There is no targeted treatment for endometriosis. The symptoms are calmed thanks to analgesics and the hormonal changes that generate pain are alleviated thanks to contraceptives most of the time.

It is possible to undergo surgical operations in order to remove certain painful organs or lesions caused by inflamed menstrual cells stuck to the tissues of the genital tract.

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