“I’m enjoying the moment and we’ll see”, the first words of Jean-Louis Gasset at the head of the Marseille Olympics

“I’m enjoying the moment and we’ll see”, the first words of Jean-Louis Gasset at the head of the Marseille Olympics

Jean-Louis Gasset s'est présenté en conférence de presse sous les yeux de son président. MAXPPP – VALLAURI Nicolas

Jean-Louis Gasset presented himself for his first press conference as OM coach this Tuesday, February 20. He was accompanied by his president Pablo Longoria. The former MHSC player and coach has signed up for 4 months.

How do you feel about joining Olympique de Marseille ?

Excitement. I watched the match on Sunday and tried to understand. I saw Gennaro Gattuso’s press conference. When I saw him say that his team had no soul and that he no longer had the keys. I was called to change the situation over 4 months. It’s a possible challenge, the workforce is quality. The difference with my other experiences is that there is no transfer window. We must therefore work on the existing group. We started this morning, I saw the group with the President. The mind is 80% of performance. They are professionals, they must do a little more. When you score goals like that, the system doesn't exist. We must reassure the players. My job is gone like that.

You are 70 years old, do you understand that your age raises questions ?

Speaking of the greats, we wonder about Wenger, Ferguson, Goethals… I don't compare myself to them. Age is the age we have in our heads. I have 4 months of my life to succeed in my mission. It’s not just talent, it’s mental. I met the medical staff, the technical staff and most importantly, the players. They were surprised because I told them anecdotes. I have a little thing with each one. I told them: "Open your eyes!" There needs to be awareness. In 72 hours, we can turn everything around, we have a European Cup match and a championship match but I'm not going to play, neither is the president, they're the players. So my age, no.

What are your goals ?

The objective is to have a good run in the European Cup. Shakhtar is a very good team. In the championship, find a more attractive place than ninth. We don't ask for the impossible. This seems very coherent to me and within our ropes if we make sacred union. The results are average but everything is possible. If the players realize that they are good players but at the moment, they are not doing enough. I live in the moment. I was asked to live a bet, I'm enjoying the moment and we'll see.

I will do everything to try to have the best possible end to the season

How did you experience your departure from the Côté d'Ivoire selection ?

I worked for two years with Ivory Coast. Two years with a group, finding gems in Ivorian football, two magnificent years. We won the first match but we had a 5-day gap. We lost 4-0. I knew we were going to suffer. I thought resigning was the best decision. Faé took the team and the rest is history. The job was well done.

Are you afraid of the pressure of the Vélodrome stadium ?

I am leaving the Ivory Coast, I know that the pressure is strong here. It should not inhibit you but it should push you to take up the challenge. Finish the end of the season well… I will do everything to try to have the best possible end to the season.

How did your arrival at OM go ?

I was contacted on Sunday around 11:30 p.m. I was given the night to think. Monday morning, I said I'm coming. I needed a night of sleep, that I meet my family to talk about it. Football drives my life and the challenges, the harder they are, the more I go for it.

"Players must reach a milestone"

What is your analysis of the situation ?

Players must reach a level. What they did yesterday is not enough. When you play OM, you have to do a lot more. Trust is the key word. People must take leadership. We have examples of teams who regained their health in a month. You have to believe it, in 4 days, you can put your foot down to achieve a good end to the season.

I can't tell you my schedule this morning. I spoke with as many people as possible. You have to take 5 minutes to speak with the players. Here, it’s harder than elsewhere, you have to raise the level of play. In Marseille, it’s hard, you have to swallow the pressure. They can sometimes be in doubt but if you end up in a cannonball… We have to persuade people that they are strong, together. It’s too early. We need to see how the players react to your speech. Balerdi is suspended, what do we do? Against Montpellier, Clauss is suspended, what do we do? We work with the strengths of the team. First we put the leaders on the ground, we put them in the best conditions. You have to adapt to all situations.

Longoria: “The ideal person to make a statement”

"I assume my responsibilities as president of OM, I have my share of responsibility for the situation. We will do everything to make the season a success. This is why we made the decision to hire Jean-Louis. Decisions had to be made to change the current dynamic. Jean-Louis is the ideal person to make a breakthrough.
It’s not easy to change during the season. We needed someone with experience, mastery at the tactical level, who knows the championship and who can change the mentality. All these conditions have been met. identified with Jean-Louis. He gave us positivity. from the first contact."

You have already moved to OM in Gérard Gili's staff at the time in Ligue 2 (only 15 days) which memory keep yourself ?

Bernard Tapie, what a man… Gili told him that I had to come with him. I arrived on Thursday to play on Saturday with only internationals in D2 against Saint-Brieuc in an almost empty stadium. The Vélodrome sounded hollow. The speaker said: "You saw the leader of D2". We then drew in Sedan, nine against eleven. After the mess, Tapie had problems. Pierre Cangioni summons us. He had two coaches without an FFF contract and two with an FFF contract, Marc Bourrier and Henri Stambouli. Then, I took my car and returned to Montpellier.

Do you have a message for OM supporters ?

Don't be discouraged, we need you. Anything is possible if we are together. The players have to pass the hurdle, that I make the right team. You have to have hope for life. This is what I ask them.

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