Imbroglio after the expulsion of the shrink, Grande Brasserie, Internationals of the guitar in the hot seat: the essential news in the region

Imbroglio after the expulsion of the shrink, Grande Brasserie, Internationals of the guitar in the hot seat: the essential news in the region

Tous les soirs à 20 h 30, retrouvez l’essentiel de l’actualité régionale sur

Tous les soirs à 20 h 30, retrouvez l’essentiel de l’actualité en région sur

Guitar Internationals: management criticized

#MONTPELLIER In a report made public this Thursday, the Regional Chamber of Accounts expresses very strong criticism of the management of the Confluences association, organizer of the festival “The international guitar”.

Several complaints are made against the structure created in 1994 and supported since then by its founder, Taalat El Singaby, financed overwhelmingly by the Region.

Among them: attendance which remains to be assessed; communities "undemanding" before granting subsidies and the remuneration of Talaat El Singaby, today director of the structure. The latter denounces a dirty-mouthed crime. photo jean-michel mart

Rehabilitation of Jacques Fesch: under deliberation

#JUSTICE The Court of Cassation will issue its decision on October 1st on the very exceptional procedure for the rehabilitation of a convicted person to death, initiated in 2019 from the Nîmes Court of Appeal.

This approach was launched by Gérard Fesch, now 70 years old, who had grown up on public assistance, without knowing his parents, and who discovered in 1994 that’ rsquo;he was the son of a young man, executed at the age of 27, in 1957, at La Santé prison, for having killed a police officer during a robbery.

Son of a large Catholic family, Jacques Fesch had an affair just before his arrest in 1954 with a young woman, who abandoned the child after his birth. After obtaining recognition of paternity and maternity, as his father wanted, Gérard Fesch obtained a modification of the Badinter law allowing this possibility of rehabilitation for the beneficiaries of a death row prisoner who has been executed.

Expelled Psychic: the imbroglio

#MILLAU After the expulsion of a psychiatrist to Tunisia, Emmanuelle Gazel came out of her silence to express his regrets regarding this prefectural decision. "Doctors and patients find themselves in a worrying situation. In Millau and in South Aveyron for many years, we have had five open positions and only one truly filled by a full-time doctor."

The department head is currently on sick leave. The only remaining psychiatrist, of foreign origin, cannot practice alone. Emmanuelle Gazel specified that the Sainte-Marie hospital center in Rodez, agreed "to provide this supervision on an interim basis. We are also looking for temporary workers for the continuity of the service."

Electric demonstration

#GARD Approximately 200 demonstrators met again, this Wednesday, June 5, on the site of the Mourgues-de-Gré belvedere, overlooking the Beaucair plain to mark their opposition to the installation of a Very High Voltage line.

For all opponents of the project, both the State and RTE, the company in charge of the project, have ignored alternative solutions to the deployment of the line. The chosen route will be presented to local stakeholders by RTE on June 11 and then to the public on June 28. A new mobilization is announced for June 19.

Today's figure: 34

#HÉRAULT This is the number of exhibitors for the second edition of the Grande Brasserie at Cap d'Agde which will take place Saturday June 8 and Sunday June 9 on the quays of the Centre Port. An event initiated by Midi Libre, the intercommunal tourist office and the Region which aims to introduce local breweries.

To participate, simply go to the reception stand to buy a glass in the event's colours (5 euros), which gives you three tastings.

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