Impounding your vehicle: prices are increasing. Discover the new fee amounts

Impounding your vehicle: prices are increasing. Discover the new fee amounts

Les tarifs de la fourrière ont augmenté depuis le 1er mars dernier. MAXPPP – Jean-Luc Flémal

Since March 1, having your vehicle impounded has become more expensive.

On February 29, the Official Journal published a decree setting the maximum prices that can be applied by the pound services in France. Indeed, "impound fees have the particularity of being variable, depending on the nature and weight of the vehicle and of being made up of several elements", as recalled on the site Thank you for the info.

The costs to be paid when your car is removed by the impound services are made up of several elements. There are immobilization costs, removal and daily custody costs and, sometimes, if the vehicle requires repairs, appraisal costs.

How is impoundment done ?

Above all, the offense must be proven. The impoundment of the vehicle is decided by a judicial police officer (OPJ), an assistant judicial police officer ( this can be the head of the municipal police), the mayor or, in Paris, the police prefect. "It’is this person who designates the impound lot into which the vehicle goes be transferred", specifies the site. The vehicle is then removed by a towing company, to which the municipal service is subcontracted.

How much does it cost ?

The removal of the vehicle generates advance costs, the maximum amount of which remains unchanged: it amounts to 15.20 euros. for a private car, 7.60 euros for a motorized two or three wheels and 22.90 euros for a heavy goods vehicle. "As long as the removal of your vehicle has not started (all four wheels are still on the ground), you can collect it immediately if you arrive in time and you will only have to pay these preliminary costs. If the car has been the subject of a shoe installation to prevent its prior movement, immobilization costs in the amount of 7.60 euros add.

Maximum rates in the region

The stoppage of February 29 sets the rates charged when a vehicle is subject to removal by the pound. D. It sets prices for the four main French cities (Paris, Marseille, Lyon and Toulouse). Then, for the others. This therefore concerns the towns in the region. Thus, regarding a private car, for material immobilization, it will cost you, at most, 7.60 euros, for a pre-operation. Affordable 15.20 euros, for a collection 127.65 euros, for daily custody 6.75 euros and for an expertise 61 euros. If you have ;a two-wheeler or a three-wheeler, the prices are, respectively, as follows: 7.60 euros, 7.60 euros, 45.70 euros, 3 euros and 30.50 euros.< /p>

If the collection of the vehicle has already started, the collection costs will be charged. These have increased by 5.2% since March 1, reaching 127.65 euros, compared to 121.27 euros previously for a private car . For comparison, in Paris, it's 150 euros. For other vehicles, the collection rates are unchanged.

What are the possible increases ?

They intervene in very specific situations. This is the case if you are late in picking up your vehicle from the impound lot. There, you will have to add daily care costs. Their maximum amount for private cars has been increased and has risen since March 1 to 6.75 euros per day, compared to 6.42 euros previously. Prices vary depending on the city: it costs 10 euros per day in Toulouse, Marseille or Lyon, and 29 euros in Paris.

In addition, if you do not come and collect your vehicle within three days, you are likely to reimburse expertise costs, which can reach 61 euros for private cars and 50 euros for other vehicles.

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