IMT Mines Alès welcomes teams from other schools in the group

IMT Mines Alès welcomes teams from other schools in the group

Teams from the IMT Mines Alès group visiting Alès. Midi Libre – DR

The management teams of the IMT Mines Alès group schools visited the Alès facilities.

At the start of the week, IMT Mines Alès received the management teams of the ten schools of the Institut Mines-Télécom for the traditional annual work seminar.

After welcoming the Cartel in 2023 on the occasion of its 180th anniversary, the Alésienne engineering school was this year the host of the JMT (Journées Mines-Télécom) for two days of work , workshops, conferences and exchanges on the theme “Thematic positionings of IMT and interdisciplinarity”.

IMT school management discovers the Cévennes with the TVC

Bringing together nearly 120 people, these two days made it possible to strengthen links and collaborations between schools on large-scale projects, particularly those linked to digital sovereignty and sobriety, l&rsquo ;health and well-being engineering, the industry of the responsible future, as well as actions in Europe.

Assia Tria, director of IMT Mines Alès was delighted to present to her counterparts the two campuses of the school: "These These days are also an opportunity for participants to discover the activities and environment of the school that welcomes them. It is a great pleasure for IMT Mines Alès to welcome these delegations from our sister schools and to show them, with pride, our campus, our research centers and our Cévennes."

This Tuesday evening, it was on the Cévennes steam train (TVC) that the participants discovered the Cévennes before dinner in Anduze.

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