In Agde, an alcoholic evening which ended in violence

In Agde, an alcoholic evening which ended in violence

The immediate appearance hearings took place on March 27. Midi Libre – PIERRE SALIBA

One of the two defendants, a former homeless person who is trying to rebuild his life with his partner, benefited from the understanding of the Béziers court during the immediate appearance hearing on March 27.

"There are issues that concern you", breathes Maître Soyer at the start of his pleading. In his box, Laurent shrinks, because the facts recalled by the prosecutor are rather pitiful. In Agde, this March 24, when he is invited to the studio of his friend Yann, he comes with his partner and an eleven-month-old child. We drink a lot. We Dance. At three o'clock in the morning, one of the party-goers, drunk, falls on the baby's stroller, "with all his weight". So Laurent sees red. With Yann, he throws himself at the man. Punches are thrown, kicks are thrown. "It’was just slaps", defends Laurent. But his companion, present at the hearing, denies it with a nod, annoyed. The victim escaped with 15 stitches and multiple facial fractures.

"Punches or slaps, it’s indifferent, insists the representative of the prosecution. In the context of violence in meetings, they are both co-authors of all the facts." He denounces the presence of a baby among three alcoholic adults in a 20 square meter studio, and the "stratospheric" of alcohol which started in the morning in front of the Netto d’Agde : "Ten beers per person, a liter of white wine, a cubi& ;#39; rosé."

Avoid a mess

Yann, who has few arguments to put forward, and who already has 18 mentions on his record, gets 30 months, 12 of which are suspended on probation. But for Laurent, and his partner, Master Soyer wants to avoid "the waste" of too heavy a sentence. " They are two homeless people who met in the street and decided to get out together, she explains. He is employed by a landscaper, and stopped drinking six months ago. She had to work at the Casino at the end of the day so that they could share custody of the little one. As for the morning drinking session, she specifies that it concerned Yann and the victim, and not her client. "If his partner was with the baby that evening, it was precisely so that he wouldn't slip back."< /p>

"I had a bad attitude one night, but my life was in shambles for six months", laments Yann. He will be partly heard, with a sentence of 16 months, 12 of which will be suspended on probation.

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