In Alès, next September, the teaching staff of the Royale school will be decimated

In Alès, next September, the teaching staff of the Royale school will be decimated

Laïla Boukoula, représentante des parents d’élèves, mardi soir, au sortir de l’école. Midi Libre – STEPHANE BARBIER

In order to resolve a conflict situation, the academic director is considering the transfer of all eight teachers.

" My son is doing well at this school but I am not happy that we are changing all the teachers at the start of the school year. I would like to know why ? " Tuesday April 2, Michel, 42, came to pick up his son from the Louis Leprince school -Ringuet in the Royale district calmly asks the question.
The same one that torments this group of around fifteen mothers whose feelings oscillate between anger and incomprehension since the discovery, Thursday March 28, of a letter from the academic director announcing the transfer of the  rsquo;all teachers, i.e. eight teachers, at the start of the next school year.

We are worried about the instability this will cause in our children

A decision motivated by an investigation into a dysfunction between the new director who arrived in September (replacing Maxime Tatry, who resigned following a complaint filed by the Alès 1 academy inspector , Editor’s note) and teachers.
Laïla Boukoula, one of the parents' representatives, summoned as part of this investigation, testifies to having" heard very harsh criticisms of the behavior of these teachers that in four years, I have never noticed. We are here with allegations! And in front of school, I had to deny crazy rumors about them. These teachers discuss, share, listen to our children and suddenly, we describe them as monsters! "

A demonstration planned for Thursday, April 4

That evening, while waiting for the school council, the floor is freed while the arrival of a crew from the municipal police raises the tone. These parents then described a catastrophic situation on the eve of the Christmas holidays with all the teachers on sick leave (8 people, five have since returned) except the principal.
" She was placed here on a mission and everything changed. we wrote to the academic inspectorate but they did not respond. We have the feeling of being disrespected and we are worried about this change in all teachers, about the instability that this will cause in our children, ".
Arriving on site to represent the city, the elected official for education Christian Chambon who, although he does not comment on the decision of the academic director, recognizes that the situation at « a story that goes back a long way and concerns a number of parents. But nothing justifies this climate of tension ".

Contacted, the academic inspector did not respond to our request for information.
A demonstration will be held on April 4 at 5 p.m., in front of the Alès inspection, rue Pasteur. I subscribe to read more

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