In Alès, the Limbourg couple in succession to Pierre Guy's butcher's shop

In Alès, the Limbourg couple in succession to Pierre Guy's butcher's shop

Since the end of February, Vanessa and Ludovic Limbourg have brought the Alesian establishment back to life. Midi Libre – STEPHANE BARBIER

Ludovic and Vanessa Limbourg continue the history of this butcher shop located at 27, rue de Stalingrad in Alès.

" The lasagna? Ha, they’re good! And the veal blanquette is extra! "
Early this Tuesday, April 13, the superlatives fell naturally from the mouths of the customers of the butcher shop of Ludovic and Vanessa Limbourg. Naturally, as the decision to resume the business was taken, sign of the butcher Pierre Guy who retired in 2019.
An establishment with a reputation for seriousness whose opening at the exact address, 27 rue Stalingrad, on February 29, sounds like a return to basics after 33 years in the business for Ludovic Limbourg.

This is where I completed my apprenticeship from 16 to 18 years old

" It’s here that I completed my apprenticeship from the age of 16 to 18, smiles the Alesian by birth. The training center was located in Capra and I then continued with a professional certificate at the National School of Meat Trades in Paris. "
Employed for ten years within the establishment, the takeover took place according to the rule which dictates that we do not change a winning practice. With always the same will.
" This job is a passion, that of contact, of the diversity of work going from butchery to charcuterie and also catering. " Accompanied by his wife Vanessa, Jean-Paul, a collaborator, and apprentice Sidy, the team shapes " homemade products every day, around twenty in total, specifies Ludovic Limbourg. Today, we are preparing couscous but gardianne, paella, blanquette are also made here. "
With a signature preparation, " an herbed abomasum with chard and spinach in the Ardèche style… " Who could possibly bring our northern neighbors down to the land of gut eaters…

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