In Béziers, even during the trial, the victims are the prey of threats via social networks

In Béziers, even during the trial, the victims are the prey of threats via social networks

Quatre ans de prison pour l'homme qui a fait feu, rue Ernest Renan, à Béziers, pour intimider un couple Midi Libre

Saturday February 24, two brothers threatened a couple with firearms, rue Ernest Renan in Béziers. This Wednesday, in the middle of the trial, the relatives were still intimidating the victims, via social networks, as well as their lawyer.

This Wednesday, February 28, a young man appeared before the Béziers court who, with his brother, a minor, had threatened a couple and their two-year-old child, rue Ernest-Renan, in Béziers. He was sentenced to four years in prison and remained in detention. In addition, he is prohibited from staying in Béziers for three years following the end of his detention sentence. His driving license was also revoked. The public prosecutor had requested a seven-year prison sentence against the defendant, who continued to change his version and take the magistrates for imbeciles.

The brother, co-perpetrator, was in the courtroom

It is rare enough to be underlined, during this trial, the father, but also the brother of the accused were in the courtroom. So far, nothing too extraordinary. What is more so is that the brother, a minor, is being prosecuted in the same case as the defendant. He is also accused of aggravated violence with a firearm. He will be tried in juvenile court. This Wednesday, when the prosecutor requested a heavy sentence against his brother, messages were sent.

And very quickly, on the victims' phones, threats were coming. So much so that their lawyer, also threatened, raised the problem with the prosecutor, who informed the court. President Rolland, after having delivered his deliberations, therefore insisted on one point: "I'understand that no threat or pressure be exerted on the ;#39;against the victims. If anything happened, it would be very serious." And addressing the room and therefore the father and brother of the condemned, "I hope I was very clear." The lawyer and the victims filed a complaint against those who had sent the written messages.

The facts of Saturday February 24

To return to the facts, Saturday February 24, at the end of the afternoon, two men, the defendant, 20 years old and his minor brother, attacked a couple for a dark story that the court did not wish to clarify the hearing. "We judge facts, unacceptable acts today. For the rest, we'll see after", insisted the president.  The major first rushed at the father of the family with his car, then evoking the pretext that the latter had broken the window of his car with a saw, he returned with his brother. One armed with a pistol, the other with a rifle. Two shots were fired and the bullets landed above the window of a house and the other on the sill of the latter. The woman was also the victim of blows, particularly to the head, with the butt of the rifle. Which the defendant denied. "It's her husband who hit her", he insisted.

"Béziers, this is not the Wild West"

As it changed versions many times, it was taken back by the court and also the public prosecutor. Nothing happened. He persisted in victimizing himself. "I don't want Béziers to become Marseille. Let someone, an innocent person, be killed by a stray bullet. We are not in the Far West", insisted the prosecutor. "We are not against you, but against the actions you have committed. And you come here to discuss the fat part to minimize the facts. We cannot admit what happened. Why this happened is not the concern at the moment. We'll find out, don't worry." Enough to frustrate the public, in the courtroom.

The defense pleaded for leniency from the court. Insisting on the fact that seven years of detention would destroy the accused. "A flexible and understandable sentence is needed to be admissible and effective. The requisitions do not go in this direction", argued Me Jean-François Tabet.

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