In brief in Lozère: Balzac played at the Mende theater and La Lozère in Clermont postponed

In brief in Lozère: Balzac played at the Mende theater and La Lozère in Clermont postponed

“Lost Illusion”, a breathtaking production and a very ingenious adaptation. DR – Simon Gosselin

Balzac at the Mende theater. The Mende theater welcomes Lost illusions , from the Montreuil Public Theater, based on the novel by Honoré de Balzac, this Thursday at 8 p.m. Duration: 2 hours 30 minutes. A butterfly launched to conquer the world, Lucien Chardon, poet journalist in Paris in the 1820s, is ready for anything. Lost Illusionsis both the story of his apprenticeship and his disenchantment. Son of a noble mother and a commoner father, he leaves Angoulême to join Paris with the ambition of get glory, love and money there. Pauline Bayle skillfully condenses these seven hundred pages extracted from la Comédie humaine to deploy them in a refined staging, of formidable formal precision, leaving all the place for the performers. The time to put on a jacket or tie a scarf, the five actors and actresses move from one role to another with jubilation, embodying around twenty characters, without worrying about genres.

Show for ages 14 and up. Prices: normal,  14 € – reduced: 12€ – ultra-reduced: 10€ – subscriber: 10€ – reduced subscriber: 8€
Ticket office: intercommunal tourist office of Mende,  place du Foirail: 04 66 94 00 23. Show co-hosted with the Scènes Crosses de Lozère.

Lozère in Clermont, postponed due to bad weather. The La Lozère operation in Clermont-Ferrand, scheduled for April 26 to 28, will not be able to take place this weekend for safety reasons linked to weather conditions (wind in particular). A postponement date is being sought.

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