In Chamborigaud, the project for a new temporary bridge officially approved

In Chamborigaud, the project for a new temporary bridge officially approved

Les travaux pourraient commencer d’ici la semaine prochaine. MIDI LIBRE – Eva Bonnet-Gonnet

Après son effondrement lundi 18 mars, les autorités locales se sont réunies ce mercredi 20 mars pour établir les prochaines étapes des travaux, permettant de relier la commune de Génolhac à celle de Chamborigaud. 

"The territory must continue to live normally. We will do our best to get everything rebuilt as quickly as possible. These are not empty words", assured Françoise Laurent-Perrigot, president of the Gard departmental council, traveling to Chamborigaud this Wednesday, March 20.< /p>

As the bridge that linked the village to Génholac collapsed on Monday, local authorities met to establish a plan to build a temporary connection. At the end of the meeting, it was agreed that a temporary submersible bridge would be put in place as soon as possible, right next to the collapsed bridge, in order to remove the long diversion currently in place. If the work does not encounter any obstacles, it could be erected by the end of April, or June at the latest.

In Chamborigaud, the project for a new temporary bridge officially approved

The President of the Gard departmental council decides to completely rebuild the bridge. FREE NOON – Eva Bonnet-Gonnet

A construction site that could be imminent

"We need to ensure the land and that the DDTM (Departmental Directorate of Territories and the Sea, Editor's note) authorizes us to make this ford in the bed of the river. Once we have that, we will be able to start work on this temporary crossing, which will still require a specific device, since it will be installed for a while, explains Patrick Malavieille, vice-president president of Gard. This passage will have to be secure, we have completely integrated the idea that this bridge could be submerged, in particular because of the risk of flooding. It will be necessary to install an alert and safety device."

The measures around this submersible track include alternating traffic with traffic lights, and a limitation on the tonnage and size of heavy goods vehicles. If administrative delays do not delay, work on a temporary solution could be launched as early as next week. Regarding the large destroyed bridge, the President of Gard opted for its total reconstruction. Colossal project which could last "between 12 and 18 months" according to elected officials.

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