In Comps, Ludovic and her husband welcome their baby born via surrogacy and recount this adventure in a book

In Comps, Ludovic and her husband welcome their baby born via surrogacy and recount this adventure in a book

Le petit Valentin est né début avril en Colombie.

Known for their haunted mansion created every year for Halloween in Comps, the two men recount the journey of their GPA in a book "Dad in Colombia" which they will dedicate on Saturday June 15.

"Dads in Colombia", it’s the story of two future dads, Ludovic Dangles-Lacquois and his husband Ludovic Lacquois-Dangles, having chosen a GPA (pregnancy for others) to meet their desire for parenthood. At the beginning of April, they went to Colombia to meet Marie-Angèle, the person they like to call their "carrier of life" to welcome their little Valentin. The much-desired baby was born on April 10 and a month later, the happy dads and their baby returned home to Comps.

The story of a desire for a child

Thus, the book was born over time, telling the story of these dads and little Valentin. While the work was supposed to have 28 pages, covers included, it ended up having 40. "I wanted the book to be complete, from the desire of’ child until after the birth of Valentin. The writing project was intended to evolve with regard to our journey and each drawing was produced by my Colombian illustrator in parallel with what we were experiencing, confides the author. Another week was needed to finalize the writing and its translations into Spanish and English. The edited book is now being sent to those who ordered it.

The objective is now to distribute the book through the website, through signing sessions and book fairs. Ludovic's wish would be for the book to be shared in early childhood structures. "It's about making our story known and sharing the diversity of parenting paths, to to better understand the approach and journey of dads in couples who have gone through surrogacy and thus put an end to prejudices".

A live sales and signing session will also be organized on Saturday June 15, the day before Father's Day, in the presence of dads Ludovic and Ludovic and Valentin, at the dedicated Orchestra store in Nîmes to babies, from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. and from 2 p.m. to 7 p.m.

Developing the sale of this book will also help the Colombian Grande Escorason foundation, whose mission is to help life givers develop a professional project after their journey of surrogate woman, a beautiful human adventure.

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