In Frontignan, we are contesting the closure of two classes at the start of the 2024 school year

In Frontignan, we are contesting the closure of two classes at the start of the 2024 school year

Il y a chichois entre le rectorat et la Ville de Frontignan pour la rentrée scolaire 2024. Midi Libre – PHILIPPE MALRIC

La carte scolaire pour la rentrée 2024 annonce la fermeture de deux classes à Frontignan, ce que la mairie conteste.

The communication, in our columns, of the school map for the 2024 school year has not only made people happy on the recently renovated floors of Frontignan town hall. 

No news from the rectorate

Indeed, according to the figures established by the Academy, the commune of Frontignan will see two classes reduced at the next school year. Without specifying which ones. The town hall of the Muscatière city is strongly opposed to this decision. For several months in fact, the City, via Claudie Minguez, first assistant in charge of education, has sent letters to the rectorate to demand that the current situation be maintained. " But we still have not received an official response", they say at City Hall.

The desire to have the decision annulled

So, in absolute terms, the municipality, without feedback from the academy, is sticking to its positions. She hopes that her arguments and her mobilization will make it possible to overturn the decision. You should know that this school map must still be subject to re-examination next June, for classes with tangent numbers, taking into account population movements linked, for example, to the delivery of housing on a common and, finally, a final adjustment at the start of the school year in September. The result of a "broad consultation between national education inspectors, school directors and local elected officials"< /em>, indicated the Academic Director of National Education Services during the presentation of the school map.

It is therefore urgent to wait

Within the town hall, the most urgent thing is to wait. And to watch for the postman to pass.

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