In Gard, representatives of the National Rally mobilized against “the hidden project of Emmanuel Macron”

In Gard, representatives of the National Rally mobilized against “the hidden project of Emmanuel Macron”

Les représentants du rassemblement national gardois réunis avant l’échéance électorale du 9 juin. Midi Libre – MiKAEL ANISSET

In this last straight line before the European elections, the National Rally of Gard wants to convince the electorate that it is the first force of opposition to the policy led by Emmanuel Macron.

"This is the last mid-term opportunity to sanction government policy." Between very strong criticism of the policy led by Emmanuel Macron and the prospects of bringing two Gardois to the benches of the European Parliament, the various representatives of the National Rally in the department were gathered on this first day of June for a final press conference before the European elections from June 9.

"Every voice counts"

If confidence could be in order with the promising scores of their leader Jordan Bardella, the RN is playing the card of caution : "We can't rest on our laurels, every vote counts, nothing is won, nothing is written in advance", assures MP Yoan Gillet.

At his side, Julien Sanchez, who is one of the very rare mayors in France to attempt the European adventure, criticizes the multiplication of lists and calls for &quot ;not to disperse. The temptation to vote for a list closer to one's convictions is understandable, but below 5%, there are no elected representatives, it is of no use. We remain best placed to comply with the policies of Emmanuel Macron and that of Ursala von der Leyen.

Emmanuel Macron and his "hidden project"

The president of the European Commission is clearly not in the good books of the National Rally either. Who aspires to a Europe of Nations where the "sovereignty of countries is not erased". &amp ;quot;This election may seem distant, but, paradoxically, what is decided in Brussels has a very concrete impact on the daily lives of the French, recalls Sylvie Josserand. The Nîmes lawyer, with her 26th place (Julien Sanchez is in 17th position) clearly has a chance of becoming one of the two far-right European MPs. "We will be local deputies. We will be there to raise local concerns, she defends.

Everyone is now riveted on one objective: 'Inflict the heaviest possible defeat on Emmanuel Macron in order to block his hidden project that he wants to impose the day after the election: the rise in gas prices from July, the deindexation of retirement pensions from inflation, the destruction of unemployment insurance, the ;compulsory distribution of migrants in our towns and villages or even the abandonment of our national sovereignty. Quite a program.

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