In Gard, taxpayers paid 582 million euros in taxes in 2023

In Gard, taxpayers paid 582 million euros in taxes in 2023

Frédéric Guin, directeur départemental des Finances publiques, Aurélie Franco, l'adjointe et l'équipe. Midi Libre – K. H.

La campagne de déclaration des revenus est ouverte depuis le 11 avril. Le point avec Frédéric Guin, le directeur départemental des Finances publiques, et ses équipes.

It has almost become as simple as two clicks on the computer! The dematerialized tax return is becoming more and more attractive and, "for five years, withholding tax has further simplified the procedures", explains& nbsp;Frédéric Guin, the departmental director of public finance, presents the new features of this year and the specificities of Gard.

Even if there are still fans of the traditional paper declaration (which will be sent until April 26)."Elderly people, disabled people or people with social difficulties who do not have access to the internet. It is not expected that the paper declaration will disappear, he reassures. "But declaring online allows you to immediately see what you will pay and to correct your declaration until the last minute."

In Gard, an average tax of 3000€ per household

In Gard, in 2023, 460 410 tax declarations were received by Public Finance out of 463 000 tax households identified, or 99 %. "A figure up 1.34 % compared to the previous year", welcomes Frédéric Guin.

But of the 463,000 tax households in Gard, 58% are non-taxable, a percentage higher than the national average of 55%, "the Gard is a poor department", explains the departmental director of public finance.

The 42% of taxable households paid 582 million euros in taxes in 2023 in Gard, i.e. an average tax of 3%. nbsp;014 € per household (the national average is 4 520 €).

265 000 declarations were completed online, "or 57 % of the total, and this is increasing every year in year", observes Frédéric Guin. And 132,000 are already pre-filled. But 60 400 declarations still arrived on paper in the mailbox.

Finally, 500 fraudulent declarations allowed Public Finance to recover 1.50 M€."This mainly involves crediting taxes overpaid on home-based jobs or childcare which are increased"… but unmasked!

Where to find out ?

Online declarations must be validated before Thursday May 30. Those on paper before Tuesday May 21. For help, an answer to a specific question, or to unravel a more complex situation, several solutions.

– A national number: 0 809 401 401. Monday to Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 7 p.m.

– A local number: 09 71 75 43 78. From 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. from Friday to Friday. We will be called back within 48 hours.

– On the website :from your personal space, you can communicate via secure messaging or make a physical appointment with an agent.

– On site: physical receptions are planned in the Personal Tax Services (SIP) in Nîmes, Saint-Privat -des-Vieux, Bagnols, and in the four branches of Saint-Gilles, Uzès, Beaucaire and Le Vigan. You can also make an appointment in one of the 24 Maisons France Services in the department, or in the town halls of Saint-Chaptes and Aramon.

A scale that takes into account inflation

Good news, this year the scale has been increased by 4.8% to take into account inflation. All slices are affected. "Concretely, the non-taxation threshold is increased by 1 000 €, explains Frédéric Guin. It is 11 294 € against 10 777 € last year."

New features this year

– Declare on tablet or mobile: "This is the first year that you can declare your income on your mobile by downloading the impots.gouv application, with a smoother and more fun process, explains Aurélie Franco, deputy director of Public finances of Gard. For the moment, we can only do this on simple outbursts without a change in situation (marital or otherwise) or an annexed declaration.

– Simplification of procedures for self-employed workers: "Now they can correct their social data online. All sections of the merged declaration will be accessible from June July to early December.

For real estate

"You really have to remember to report any change of address", insists Aurélie Franco at the risk of being taxed twice times because two addresses will be registered, "we will then have a property tax and another for secondary residence".

When we have tenants, we immediately report that there is a change. "Last year, 17 % of owners had not done so".

Attention to income from the collaborative economy

Last year, all income from platforms (Vinted, Gîtes de France, Airbnb…) was included in the declaration of resources. For example, you must declare if you make more than 20 sales and 750 euros; income on Vinted. A French idea which has attracted the European Union but implementation on a European scale takes time. So, this year, everyone will have to add their own income from foreign sites. "Be careful, it’is not a gift this year", warns Frédéric Guin.

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