In Juvignac, slow down the growth of construction, including social housing

In Juvignac, slow down the growth of construction, including social housing

La commune a vu sa population croître de 45 % en dix ans. Midi Libre – MICHAEL ESDOURRUBAILH

The municipality does not have enough social housing compared to the requirements of the SRU law. But the choice of reasoned progress is defended by Mayor Jean-Luc Savy.

"Juvignac is deficient. We have 922 social housing units in the municipality, but in view of the requirements of the SRU law, there are 169 missing. We have 16% when we need 25%. Gaëtan Lan Sun Luk is deputy delegate for territorial planning in Juvignac. A deficiency which is not without consequences, the municipality must in fact pay a "penalty" of 243 000 € (which was doubled, until then it was 120,000 euros).

The question was the subject of an exchange at the last municipal council, since a deliberation concerned the signing of an agreement with the State, the Montpellier Metropolis and the Public Land Establishment aiming to set up monitoring of real estate transactions. If a pre-emption must be carried out, it will not be the work of the municipality, but of the State. "With our penalty, we have lost the right to preempt", adds Jean-Luc Savy, mayor. "But it doesn matter, because Juvignac never preempted. It is clear that we will not be able to produce 169 housing units by 2025 as we are asked to do, however, we have put forward before the prefect our desire to think about urban planning in a reasoned way, because we want to rethink our city, give it a real morphology…"

"9 neighborhoods that turn their backs"

Juvignac has indeed suffered a growth crisis that was too rapid. The 1 700 housing units of the Constellation program, the 400 of Marco-Polo, brought 5 000 new residents at once " 5,000 neighbors who discover each other because these Zacs come out very quickly. Without the infrastructure that goes with it, schools for example, continues the mayor. In 10 years, between 2014 and today; the town saw its demographics jump by 45%, going from 8,800 souls to 12,800. It was then the sixth town in France to make a jump demographic also rapid and important. "Juvignac, it’s nine neighborhoods that turn their backs on each other, without connection, that raises questions for us! ".

In Juvignac, slow down the growth of construction, including social housing

Jean-Luc Savy, mayor of Juvignac, wants more reasoned urbanization than in the past. Midi Libre – E.L.

When he took office, Jean-Luc Savy refused or slowed down more than a thousand building permits. Even today, it ensures "one permit in two is refused, we absolutely must control the city." The municipality is working with an anthropologist to find what will create a connection and live together. "We thought about the question of the walkability of the city, asking ourselves what were the vectors that create connections. School, sport, culture are among them. How to connect all the biodiversity of the inhabitants ?" questions Gaëtan Lan Sun Luk. The citizen consultation launched a year ago showed the desire of Juvignacois to have a real city center, a lively place with green spaces.

A mix of social housing

After having built two schools in one mandate, a rugby field and a few days from inaugurating the first phase of the ambitious sports complex (while waiting for the college for the start of the 2025 school year), the town is planning on the need to reinvent urban planning. In all urbanizable areas, 10% of the surfaces will be protected for the environment. In the heart of the city, the elevation will not exceed R +2, areas have been identified but the idea of ​​mixing social housing is essential. A case-by-case way of doing things, which will not achieve the objectives of the SRU law, but Jean-Luc Savy accepts his choice.

As for the project, presented on May 3 in the Council of Ministers, by the Minister of Housing Guillaume Kasbarian which would see a relaxation of the law, to promote intermediate housing, the mayor of Juvignac is circumspect. "I'm waiting to see what we're talking about…"

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