In Lunel, mediation with travelers was unsuccessful

In Lunel, mediation with travelers was unsuccessful

Around fifteen caravans still occupy the Delfieu stadium. A.C.

Despite the proposals of 3rd assistant Michel Créchet, they decided to stay on the pitch at the Delfieu stadium. A formal notice to leave the premises was requested from the prefecture.

The attempt at mediation with the sixty Travelers who settled in the town on Sunday April 21 ended in failure this Thursday April 25 in the morning.

On the scene, the 3rd deputy Michel Créchet, delegate in particular to the General Administration, and two municipal police officers did not succeed in dislodging the fifteen caravans which took place on the lawn of the Delfieu stadium, 280 chemin of Sainte-Catherine

Solutions provided and refused

"We asked the prefecture to issue a formal notice order to be able to proceed with an eviction as we usually do in such cases, informs Michel Créchet. But before that, still in agreement with the prefecture, we attempted a final mediation to try to find solutions to evacuate the site."

Unfortunately, these were not successful. "We offered them several solutions, including places in the Lunel reception area – which they apparently do not find very clean – and & rsquo;others on that of Mauguio – too far according to them given that they affirm that their children are educated here –, stipulates the 3rd deputy. The occupiers clearly told us, in conclusion, that they would not leave before, at least, May 5."

A date and a refusal to cooperate which led the municipal elected official to immediately reiterate his request to the prefecture for a formal order to leave the places.

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