In Lunel, no agreement found with the evangelists

In Lunel, no agreement found with the evangelists

Plus de 150 véhicules occupent actuellement les terrains A. C.

The visit, with the prospect of signing an agreement, had been decided the day before. This Tuesday, June 11, at 2 p.m., Michel Créchet, Thomas Bree and Gilles Salvet, respectively 3rd deputy and chief of staff of the mayor, and head of the sports department, went to the Dassargues site in order to begin negotiations with the evangelist community installed on several fields of the sports complex since Sunday afternoon, June 9.

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The exchange was courteous, discussion possible but the two parties did not agree on the amount of the sum of the costs of repairing the land, use of resources (water, electricity…), garbage removal… that their passage would generate.

30 000 € requested for 6 000 € proposed

"According to initial estimates, the municipality is counting on a bill of at least 30,000 €. The evangelists have offered us an envelope amounting to 6,000,000, far from what it will cost the taxpayer, emphasized yesterday afternoon at the outcome of his trip, Michel Créchet. Under these conditions, which were of course not acceptable, no agreement was found between the two parties and the mayor Pierre Soujol confirmed to the prefecture the request for an expulsion order."

According to the leaders of the evangelist community, their installation should last until Sunday June 23.

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