In Lunel, the evangelists took possession of three sports fields in Dassargues

In Lunel, the evangelists took possession of three sports fields in Dassargues

Selon les informations récoltées auprès de la communauté évangéliste, l’occupation devrait durer quinze jours. A. C.

Ils occupent le complexe sportif lunellois depuis ce dimanche après-midi 9 juin avec près de 170 véhicules.

After the arrival, there are precisely two weeks, then the departure of seventy vehicles on the large field which adjoins the Dassargues complex in Lunel, it is more than double of caravans – between 150 and 170 – which took place directly on the site's three sports fields, this Sunday June 9 afternoon.

Requested to participate in the repairs

A wild occupation of the evangelist community which was not at all to the taste of Mayor Pierre Soujol who went to the scene the same day around 4 p.m., accompanied by two gendarmes as well as a mediator from the prefecture.

"This is an unacceptable situation on several levels, continued this Monday, June 10, the mayor of Lunel, still very annoyed about the prospects of the cost caused by this unexpected presence. The damage after their departure will once again be considerable for the community (the evangelists planned to stay two weeks, Editor's note). They are estimated between 20,000 and 30,000 euros for all the damage such as the lawn, automatic watering… but also the expense of water and electricity flows that they draw on site", continued the mayor.

The displeased sports assistant

The councilor announced that a negotiation with a view to an agreement would be proposed, this Tuesday, June 11 and through his 3rd deputy Michel Créchet, to this community of travelers. "We are going to ask them to participate in the restoration of the occupied land up to the cost of the damage caused", assured Pierre Soujol, whose ;rsquo;annoyance was still very noticeable this Monday at the end of the day.

A similar feeling among municipal sports official Laurent Grasset. "These are years of work destroyed in ten minutes of installation, explained, disappointed, the 7th deputy mayor.< em>And after that, months to repair the damage! Including social ones with clubs and associations which must ignore their events. I asked them to cancel them purely and simply out of concern, among other things, for the safety of Lunel youth, educators and families."

Protests canceled, complaint filed

Exit the dog event which was to be held there in the coming days, as well as the ASPTT tournament or the event around American football.

In the last 48 hours, a complaint was filed with the gendarmerie while the prefecture was asked to initiate an expulsion procedure. "The same who has been running since the one requested two weeks ago with the other group of evangelists, informs Michel Créchet. The request for expulsion is indeed for the Dassargues site and not for the periods of occupation."

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