In Millau, the demolition phase of the Sablons islet has started

In Millau, the demolition phase of the Sablons islet has started

The end of the demolition phase is scheduled for the end of July. Midi Free – Laura Vaillant

Announced for the end of 2025, the urban rehabilitation program for the Sablons block has just entered the building demolition phase.

For several weeks, construction workers on the Sablons island have been emptying the accommodation. An old district of the city center of Millau, well known for its narrow streets, where the majority of housing had been left abandoned. This week, the construction site entered a new phase.

The machines take turns to destroy the 11 buildings in the triangle between the streets of Puits Neuf, des Sablons and de La Capelle. A real open-air project whose ultimate objective is to redesign the face of an entire neighborhood. Once the demolition phase is completed, nearly  800 m² surface area will be freed and ready for rehabilitation.

"More resilient to climate change"

On November 13, during a public information meeting to present the rehabilitation project, Emmanuelle Gazel, mayor of Millau, indicated:< em> "The Sablons project will make it possible to move towards a more resilient neighborhood in the face of climate change, to enhance the city center and rsquo;improve the living environment of residents.

Thus, in order to create a well of freshness, the neighborhood will be equipped with a public green space. Also, 8 buildings will be rehabilitated with the creation of 14 housing units (2 T1 bis – 5 T2 – 5 T3 – 2 T4, with outdoor space). A way to "give more value to the neighborhood and improve the quality of life of its residents". D&amp ;rsquo;according to the forecast schedule, the end of the works is scheduled for the end of 2025.

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