In Millau, “the first rush of the season” brings a smile to the faces of professionals in the sector

In Millau, “the first rush of the season” brings a smile to the faces of professionals in the sector

Sur le marché de Millau, ce vendredi matin, les exposants confirment aussi un regain de fréquentation. AD

After a month of April at half mast, Millavois hotel and catering professionals are finding some color for this first long weekend in May, which is already very busy.

It's about time! For this long Ascension weekend, smiles are back in the streets of Millau and with them, the big day crowds. Attracted by the comforting rays of the sun, tourists made the trip to the city of gloves. "We also find our regulars. Everything comes together to finally launch the season",savors Sophie Loubat, owner of the Côté Marché restaurant, place Foch, which has just celebrated its 15th anniversary.

Ditto for the hoteliers who were happy to see the reservation book filling up. "The terraces, campsites, hotels were full, confirms Benoit Prat, vice-president of the Union des Métiers and Hospitality Industries (Umih) which – the price of success – concedes that unfortunately he must have made some people disappointed. We've had a lot of requests. We could have filled a lot more."

Pounded down by a month of April as gloomy as the weather – "the worst exercise of the last 15 years in Rodez" confirms the vice-president –, the world of hotels and restaurants is regaining its pretty colors with this long weekend. And an enthusiasm that is infectious. "Everything goes hand in hand. When the sun comes back, so do the smiles, we see at the Saint-Estève estate, full this weekend, after a saved month of April by the group’s customers.

The Olympic flame also boosts attendance

If the weather is good in May, the Pentecost weekend could definitely kick off the summer season. "Given the bridge and the weather, we expected this first nice rush, confirms Roc and Canyon, the reference millavoise outdoor activities very popular this weekend for rafting trips, bike rentals or climbing or via-ferrata outings.

"We are overall very happy with this weekend which launches the season in the best possible way, although the weather still remains uncertain for the Pentecost weekend, summarizes Benoît Prat. A long weekend which will end in apotheosis with the passing of the flame on Monday morning through the streets of the city of the glove. "The Millavois event" which allowed, once again, to boost hotel attendance on Sunday. A usually rather calm evening for the hoteliers.

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