In Montpellier, parents denounce the lack of agents in nursery schools

In Montpellier, parents denounce the lack of agents in nursery schools

Parents from several schools joined the movement initiated by those at Chaplin. Midi Libre – CODO

This April 3, some demonstrated in front of the town hall to denounce the unfulfilled commitment, according to them, of the mayor to place a specialized territorial agent for nursery schools (Atsem) per class. But for months, no response has come from the City.

"Since the start of the school year, real dysfunctions have been identified on a recurring basis and which are visibly tending to amplify. This situation is as uncomfortable for the teachers, the Atsem, the children as for the parents. A small nursery class is particularly impacted by the management of absenteeism. We note a random replacement of the teacher, to which is added the absenteeism of the Atsem assigned to the pool of replacements, who is mobilized almost daily in another school. It is not only the matter of a class since the problem of a class consequently becomes and by repercussion, the difficulty of an entire school of which the entire school is a problem. rsquo;organization must be reviewed".

An alert email sent monthly
of September remained unanswered

This statement is taken from an open letter from parents of students at the Charlie-Chaplin school (Saint-Éloi district). A letter addressed to the mayor, Michaël Delafosse and his first assistant, Fanny Dombre-Coste, who is responsible for municipal schools. A letter that has remained unanswered to this day, "like the email we sent last September which already alerted us to the conditions reception and support for children" , recalls Laure Maestrello, stakeholder in this group of parents. And some of whom gathered this April 3 on the square in front of the town hall to denounce the situation.

Several schools affected

Which saw its numbers rapidly grow. Because in addition to the Chaplin school and among the one hundred and sixteen Montpellier schools (nursery and elementary), several others know and suffer from these unreplaced absences, like the La Fontaine (Beaux-Arts), Neruda and Cervantès schools. (La Paillade), Signoret (stations), Calas (La Chamberte), Cocteau (Prés-d’Arènes) or even  Bergman (Les Aubes).

"One Atsem per class was a big commitment but it’s a real need. We are simply asking the mayor to keep his commitment of one Atsem per kindergarten class", insists Laure Maestrello.

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