In Mourèze, the Art of the Flame combines the flavors of grilling with the taste of serenity

In Mourèze, the Art of the Flame combines the flavors of grilling with the taste of serenity

In Mourèze, François Ortega is proud of his team. JM – JM

In Mourèze, for its sixth season, the boss of the Art of the Flame keeps the flame of restoration alive with passion…hellip; and serenity.

While the recent passage of the Olympic Flame set the Hérault ablaze, in Mourèze, the owner of the Art of the Flame cultivates an Olympian calm at his good table. "The difference with the Olympic flame is that here, we grill, with lava stone, all year-round", the fifty-year-old laughs. And if, this summer, a good number of Ile-de-France residents risk deserting the capital because of the Olympics, in the Heart of Hérault, François Ortega already knows he can count on a clientele, " 80% local", loyal for years.

A break from time

A clientele who loves good grilled meats, seasonal vegetables and homemade desserts. But not only. Because if the epicurean plays the local card, "pretty French products", Andouillette 5A, Aubrac flower tartare or other IGP duck breasts, regulars also come here to find "a parenthesis outside&nbsp ;of time" which echoes the timeless setting of the dolomitic cirque of Mourèze. At the entrance to the restaurant, between a few quotes displayed which invite reflection, "positive thinking", the Guests are also cordially invited to turn off their smartphones in order to make the most of this haven of peace. Because disconnecting from your phone is also reconnecting with what is essential, in the present moment, far from the tumults of the world, the restaurateur essentially delivers.

So, to keep the flame of serenity alive, "oWe only serve at lunchtime and in the evening so that everything is perfect, in the kitchen and in the dining room. This way, customers can take their time. We take care of them, we don't rush them. There is love and respect on the plate"… and benevolence, reciprocal, on the menu of the Art of the flame.

A united team

Pierre Ortega, aged 30, is in charge of the kitchen. After having attended the hotel management school in Montpellier, the Hérault resident gained all-round experience at beautiful addresses and, in particular, gained experience at La Rôtisserie, Aubière, near Clermont-Ferrand. Result,"it’s a cooking metronome. He’s someone who’ very calm, serene… And I put things aside, he is first and foremost the leader before being my son, appreciates the patriarch, François Ortega. Kitchen assistant, Armel Belin, "has been with us since 2019, he was an apprentice. In the dining room, alongside Maxime Perez who first worked 5 years in the kitchen, Lucille David is also fantastic… We have had the same team since 2019. There is great complementarity in the team, we all have the same state of mind.

Product quality, zen attitude, sumptuous setting. Obviously, it works. "We are full for lunch and dinner, people often book eight days in advance." It must be said that "le site is incredible. Moreover, Serge Didelet (the former mayor of Mourèze, who died in July 2023 – Editor's note) thought that there was tremendous potential there, and he was right. He really boosted us because he believed in us, in this project, salutes the restaurateur.

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