In Nîmes, the left comes out on top with almost 55% of the vote

In Nîmes, the left comes out on top with almost 55% of the vote

Nicolas Cadène, battu sur la sixième circonscription. Midi Libre – M. A.

Le paysage politique nîmois sera-t-il recomposé après les résultats de ces élections législatives ?

While the six constituencies of Gard are won by the RN, the left comes first in the cantons of Nîmes in the first and sixth constituencies. In the first constituency, Charles Menard obtains 56.36& ;nbsp;% of the votes and Yoann Gillet 43.64%. On the 6th, Nicolas Cadène makes 55.70% and Sylvie Josserand 44.30%.

1/Evening of hope for the Nîmes left

It was in Prolé, stronghold of the local left, that elected officials and activists celebrated the results of the New Popular Front (NFP) even if the six constituencies of Gard are now National Rally (RN). The united left achieved very good scores in all the Nîmes cantons of the first and sixth constituencies. With scores that border on a plebiscite in certain neighborhoods, such as in Pissevin where Charles Menard received 88.57% of the votes in the Paul-Langevin polling station or 85.14% in the polling station Jean-Zay vote at Chemin-Bas.

For Vincent Bouget, the departmental secretary of the Communist Party, "the left was able to come together and resisted well to the National Rally which sucked in a part of the traditional right. A good omen for the municipal elections which are looming on the horizon 2026 while the people of Nîmes have been electing an LR mayor, Jean-Paul Fournier since 2001 ?

"There is a place for a left-wing candidate, of course. We're working on it, we'll have to stay united…hellip; There is a center of resistance in the city and the priority neighborhoods where precariousness is high know that it is the left that has the solution.

For Vincent Bouget, this score confirms that of the left in the 2021 Departmental Elections where it came in first with 33% of the vote and 26% in the last municipal elections.< /p>

2/The big disappointment of Nicolas Cadène and Charles Menard

Defeated in the first constituency, Charles Menard (NFP – LFI) is delighted with the national result: "Certainly, we are not winning this time. But we hold our heads high and maintain our honor. Not everyone can say the same, and voters will remember the cowardly and irresponsible behavior of local officials and elected officials Les Républicains."

In the sixth constituency, candidate Nicolas Cadène (NFP) was beaten by RN Sylvie Josserand even if, at the city's polling stations, he pocketed 55.7% of the votes. His biggest scores: 77.41% at Mas de Mingue (Jean d’Ormesson school), at the City Hall polling stations ((62.80 % ) and the Berlioz school (66.13%) He lost the constituency by 1  He also blamed the Republicans: & ;quot;If we lose, it's because of neither &ndash nor the local right, the mayor of Nîmes, the president of the agglomeration and the senator LR du Gard Burgoa", he analyzes. Aurélien Colson (Modem), who withdrew after the first round where he only got 20.73%, did not clearly call for a vote for Cadène either, but “not to give any votes to the RN”.

3/ The RN feels it is growing wings

Yoann Gillet re-elected “with 10,000 more votes in the constituency compared to 2022 and a nice progression in the city de Nîmes" does not hesitate to affirm it: "The RN is the first party in the Gard since we now have six deputies but also in the City because we are faced with a coalition of circumstance of left-wing parties". The victory of Sylvie Josserand in the sixth constituency (previously held by a Modem), strengthens the weight of the RN in the city. With this score, the RN "is already in battle order for the municipal elections", assures Yoann Gillet."We'll get started in September, we will present lists throughout the department".

4/Republicans not worried about the future

Without any candidate in the second round, the Republicans nevertheless observed "this match of extremes with attention, explains Richard Tiberino, the president of the LR party in Gard, who assumes neither – nor, putting "in the same basket RN and LFI". For him, each election is different and he assures us "in each national election, Nîmes votes to the left. But on the right in the municipal elections". A good player, he admits that the left has always been strong in Nîmes but warns "if it does the same thing at the local and national level, I wish it good luck !& quot;

So, will the LRs have a place in the next municipal elections ? "Obviously. We can think about expanding our majority…" Before sending a little tackle to "his friend" Ciotti: "He took a jacket anyway !"

5/The Rebirth of Renaissance

Eliminated in the first round, Valérie Rouverand (Ensemble) analyzes the vote as a rejection of the extremes: "The voters eliminated Mélenchon in the first for and Bardella in the second round." While a month ago there was talk of the death of the Renaissance party (that of Macron) its unexpected national score leaves room for the rest of the party. rsquo;hope to departmental president. "Renaissance will have its place in the next elections".

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