In Nîmes, the Saint-Césaire economic zone is preparing to welcome a new center of activity

In Nîmes, the Saint-Césaire economic zone is preparing to welcome a new center of activity

Les 18 cellules indépendantes seront disponibles à la location dès la fin du mois de juin. Midi Libre – Pierre Meuriot

Artisans, businesses, restaurants … it's a whole new center of activity of 4,000 square meters which is preparing to take place within a few weeks in the Saint-Césaire district.

At the end of June, an ambitious economic project will come to life in the heart of the Saint-Césaire economic zone, in the immediate vicinity of the University Hospital Center (CHU) of Nîmes. This new 3 840 square meter activity center is designed to accommodate various craft professions and businesses.

Adapted and versatile spaces

"Among the 18 independent cells on the site, the Agora Training Center, specializing in the preparation of first years for the medical competition, will be the first to occupy a surface area of ​​608 m² from the end of July." In charge of marketing the premises, Roman Marcilly, founder of Surface real estate, is confident about the success of the project. And if for the moment only one space is rented, he says: "We have received many other proposals."

Regarding the cells, their surface area varies between 150 and 200 square meters each, with a rental price ranging from 100 euros to 200 square meters. at 115 € by m² per year and excluding charges. "We want to rent the cells located at the bottom of the site to turn it into a living showroom space, potentially including a restaurant, over more than 400 m²", continues the Nîmes developer. This space aims to meet strong demand, in particular thanks to the proximity of the University Hospital and the trambus which serves the area from the hospital. The upper part of the site will be mainly intended for craftsmen and storage.

In Nîmes, the Saint-Césaire economic zone is preparing to welcome a new center of activity

Each box has an average surface area ranging from 150 m2 to 200 m2. Midi Libre – Pierre Meuriot

"We want to create a multi-activity zone"

Nicolas Balmelle, director of institutional relations and partnerships at Bastide Médical, recalls that the space was previously occupied by Codilux, a store specializing in the sale of lighting. About a year and a half ago, the site located at 3324 Kennedy Avenue has undergone major work over the past year. "Electricity will be installed by the end of June, and the cells should be ready for delivery in early July."

For Roman Marcilly the important thing is to be able to contribute to diversifying the sector. "In the area, there are many isolated premises. Here we want to create a multi-activity zone with more than 70 parking spaces." With an overall investment of around 4 million euros , Roman Marcilly asserts, "the goal is not simply to fill the different spaces in a hurry. We want it to be qualitative."

More information from Surface real estate on 04 11 83 77 76.

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