In Saint-Affrique, “Signa Voyageur” and “Révolution Maxima” equip the Aveyron Sud Medical Imaging

In Saint-Affrique, “Signa Voyageur” and “Révolution Maxima” equip the Aveyron Sud Medical Imaging

L’IRM Signa Voyageur de 5 tonnes a pénétré dans l’imagerie médicale par une trappe située sur le toit. JMC

The MRI was installed by air and the latest generation scanner by the entrance door.

This is a real revolution for the Émile-Borel hospital center. "Signa Voyageur" is the name of Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI), and "Revolution Maxima" that of the scanner, were installed in the new building of Aveyron Sud Medical Imaging. And this on Monday April 22 and Tuesday April 23. They arrived by semi-trailer. It was a truck crane that lifted the MRI, which weighs five tonnes, into the air. He placed it in the room provided to accommodate it via a large hatch provided on the roof of the building.

The MRI is manufactured by the American company General Electric. It is positioned in a room called a Faraday cage. These are panels of copper, rock wool and wood placed against the walls which serve as a barrier to the magnetic field. This is in order to isolate the MRI from disturbances linked to the external environment. Other components and system cabinets were also delivered which are used to operate the MRI. It takes a month of installation and adjustments before commissioning scheduled for Wednesday May 22.

Artificial intelligence is integrated into the MRI which will facilitate the interpretation of the exams. It was through the front door that the latest generation scanner was transported to its dedicated room. It will allow a shorter examination time. It uses ionizing rays in very low doses. The integrated options will support all exams for different specialties. Its commissioning requires a week of adjustments. It will be operational on Monday April 29.

In Saint-Affrique, “Signa Voyageur” and “Révolution Maxima” equip the Aveyron Sud Medical Imaging

The latest generation scanner being installed. JMC

"A difficult mission in a sanitation desert"

"For a radiologist, it’s a bit like the Holy Grail to have this equipment, comments the doctor Didier Tournier, radiologist. It’s an honor to be able to install this type of equipment and use it. This is an important event. Generally, this equipment is located in an established structure or within a group of radiologists with multidisciplinary teams. We now have a tool equivalent to that of a university hospital. We have a bit of a warrior spirit with this challenge. It’s a difficult mission in a health desert and we are meeting this challenge. The goal is to do a good job. These tools will allow us to expand the team of radiologists. We are helping to build the healthcare offering in Aveyron for tomorrow. We thus allow other colleagues from other specialties to settle with us in the hospital and the sector."

This new building with its radiological equipment represents an investment of approximately 5M€ produced by doctors Didier and Clément Tournier, father and son, as part of an agreement for the occupation of the public domain. "The radiology department is at the daily service of the population of Aveyron, and beyond Tarn and Lozère", underlines Didier Tournier. The only regret is that the hospital management does not facilitate our installation. On the other hand, caregivers are happy with the arrival of these new radiology materials at the hospital."

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