“In Sète, we prefer to welcome yachts rather than caravans”: when Baëza pins Commeinhes on travelers

“In Sète, we prefer to welcome yachts rather than caravans”: when Baëza pins Commeinhes on travelers

The mayor of Mèze has a strong grudge against the decisions of the Agglo and its president François Commeinhes. Free Midi – VINCENT LACOUR

This week, the mayor of Mèze Thierry Baëza had to urgently open the busy area of ​​his town to accommodate a community of travelers. A subject that came up again during the Sète Agglo council meeting on Thursday January 29.

The caravans which occupied the Balaruc-le-Vieux stadium while waiting for the end of work on the Frontignan reception area, finally landed… in Mèze, this week. A decision taken by the Agglo de Sète, which chose to urgently open the busy area, provoking the anger of the mayor of the town.

"The Agglo de Sète didn'not even have the decency to warn me"< /em>, has already reacted Thierry Baëza, who had decided to block access to it, before it was released by the Agglo services due to of a "emergency situation"

Thierry Baëza persists and signs

Thursday evening, in council, Thierry Baëza took advantage of the presence of the president of Sète Agglo, François Commeinhes, to give it another shot. "I wonder where we respect mayors. In September 2018, the Agglo refused to vote on the departmental plan for welcoming travelers. The City of Mèze has complied with this mandatory system. I wouldn't want Mèze to pay for the others who didn't want this departmental plan…"

And to insist: "I understand that in Sète, we prefer to receive yachts rather than caravans. But I think that you should also provide for this high-traffic area in your arrangements." Thierry Baëza recalled that he was going to send a letter to prefect of Hérault so that Sète "gets in order on this point".

The response from François Commeinhes

François Commeinhes did not fail to respond to his interlocutor. After recalling that the decision of the Agglo had been "rational", the president and mayor of Sète explained to Thierry Baëza that "to warn him within a minute would have been purely formal". The mayor of Mèze having a known position on the subject…

"On the departmental plan, recalls François Commeinhes, it was unbalanced. It made disproportionate demands on a territory where it is already difficult to find land for economic purposes. Your anti-Sète obsession leads you to say anything. The effort for our communities was disproportionate…" The president finally launched a call for reflection around family land to accommodate travelers.

The option of family land under consideration

The TFLs, for family rental land, are one of the three systems provided for the reception and housing of travelers, with the permanent reception areas and high-traffic areas, such as Mèze. They consist of a designated plot of land, connected to water and electricity, and equipped with a toilet block for sedentary populations whose habitat remains the caravan.

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