In the Hérault Méditerranée agglomeration, Sébastien Frey will also aim for the presidency

In the Hérault Méditerranée agglomeration, Sébastien Frey will also aim for the presidency

Armand Rivière (at the microphone), alongside Sébastien Frey, Friday May 31 in Cap d'Agde. FREE MIDI – OLIVIER RAYNAUD

Between the socialist mayor of Pézenas Armand Rivière, current 1st vice-president of the community and the Agathois community councilor Sébastien Frey, an agreement of reason seems to have been found.

This is a phrase that probably went unnoticed by most of the people present Friday evening for the inauguration of the reception of the tourist office and the town hall annex of Cap d’Agde, but its meaning means a lot.

"New pages to write together"

During his speech, Armand Rivière, mayor of Pézenas and 1st vice-president of the Hérault Méditerranée urban community, concluded his remarks with a statement that could not be clearer: "there will be new pages to write together, collectively and in the general interest of the territory." In d& In other words, this means that there should be no war of succession for the presidency of the Hérault Méditerranée agglomeration, including the strong man, Gilles D’Ettore, who built this community in 2003, resigned Friday May 31.

Collegial governance could continue

In all likelihood, it is Sébastien Frey who will occupy this position at the end of the next community council, on a date which remains to be defined, probably in the week of June 10 to 15. An agreement that is not just a facade. Since the incarceration of Gilles D’Ettore on March 21, Armand Rivière and Sébastien Frey have gotten into the habit of meeting once a week alongside vice-presidents Laurent Durban, Stéphane Pépin-Bonet , Gwendoline Chaudoir and Vincent Gaudy, respectively mayors of Pomérols, Bessan, Portiragnes and Florensac. Collegial governance established in an emergency, but which could continue.

And in an agglomeration which still leans to the right and of which Agde is the center city, an Agathois presidency is part of political logic itself. This did not escape Armand Rivière, who will undoubtedly have very legitimate demands to make for his commune.

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