In twelfth position on the PS-Place publique list, Claire Fita wants to make “the accent of Occitania heard in Brussels”

In twelfth position on the PS-Place publique list, Claire Fita wants to make “the accent of Occitania heard in Brussels”

Vice-présidente à la Région, en 12e position sur la liste menée par André Glucksmann. Midi Libre – MICHAEL ESDOURRUBAILH

En douzième position sur la liste menée par Raphaël Glucksmann, la socialiste Claire Fita, tarnaise et vice-présidente à la Région, pourrait être élue eurodéputée. Elle se confie à Midi Libre.

And if Claire Fita, the fourth vice-president of the regional council, for culture for all, heritage and regional languages, became, on June 9, the main beneficiary of the renewed form electoral election of the Socialist Party ? In any case as the current polls for the European elections envisage it.

Indeed, the list led by Raphaël Glucksmann (Place publique, ally of the PS) being regularly credited with more than 12% of voting intentions, it is legitimate to consider that’ rsquo;at least twelve personalities from there could win their ticket to sit in the European Parliament.

"A new commitment"

However, the 47-year-old from Tarnaise, originally from Graulhet where she has been elected since 2008, originally an associative activist who took her PS card in 2002, occupies precisely twelfth place on the list .

She does not ostentatiously cross her fingers in front of us when we discuss this possibility with her, as was the case this Friday, but she recognizes that this is a matter of concern. a new stage in his life and his political career, "a new commitment, in a very particular context, with this climate of international conflict", whether it is "the return of the war in Europe", in Ukraine of course, or the ;current events in the Middle East.

"More Europe", a "Europe that protects"

She who says she belongs to "a generation of peace, thanks to the European Union which helped guarantee it", unambiguously displays his Europhile convictions: "I am pro-European, we are a pro-European list, and we are convinced that we need more of Europe. But, also, that we need to change Europe, to have a Europe that protects".

And to admit having appreciated "the personality and clarity of the commitments of Raphaël Glucksmann during his mandate, those of the left of reality". A Raphaël Glucksmann, recalls Claire Fita, that she was "one of the first to support in 2019, I had also joined Place publique at the time, while remaining in the PS, dual membership was possible"< /em>.

Rely on "the Europe of solidarity"

Thus, she is currently campaigning (she was in Béziers on Friday to talk about viticulture), affirming her faith in her future mission as MEP. If she is elected:"I have an accent, it’s true, and I want to be the accent of Occitanie in Brussels. Because if Occitanie needs Europe, Europe also needs Occitanie. We are a beautiful laboratory, and behind this desire to defend my region, I want to support our projects of fiscal, social and environmental justice. With Raphaël Glucksmann, we are constant in this desire to reindustrialize Europe, but by relying on the Europe of solidarity, as it has shown to be capable of for the mutualization of the debt, or the ;rsquo;purchase of vaccines during Covid. We must not close this breach."

The ambitions of the social democrats

With, also, in sight, the prospect of changing the majority in the European Parliament: "And the only alternative is that the Social Democrats become the leading party there. Currently it is the PP (the People's Party, the Christian Democrats, Editor's note). If we succeed, Nicolas Schmit, (current European Commissioner, Luxembourg, Editor's note) would become the President of the Commission. Of course, we will probably not have an absolute majority, but having the presidency of the Commission would be a revolution!"

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