Inflation: Kellogg's CEO's strange advice to reduce your food spending

Inflation: Kellogg's CEO's strange advice to reduce your food spending

Depuis 2020 Kellogg's mène une campagne pour inciter les consommateurs à manger des céréales pour le dîner. EFE – MIGUEL GUTIERREZ

Invité par la chaîne de télévision américaine CNBC la semaine dernière, le PDG de Kellogg's, Gary Pilnick, a conseillé aux familles de manger des céréales lors du dîner pour faire face à l'inflation.

If households wish to consume at a lower cost to cope with the context of food inflation, they can feed themselves with cereals. This is what the CEO of Kellogg's told the American channel CNBC last week.

The price of cereals has increased by 28% since 2020

"The cereal category has always been quite affordable and is a great option" declared Gary Pilnick before adding that a bowl of milk with cereal costs "less than a dollar& quot;.

The CEO was quick to attract the wrath of Internet users on social networks. One of them notably highlighted the salary of the CEO who earns "4 million dollars per year " : "Do you think he gives his kids cereal for dinner?", a he asked, indignant.

In addition, other Internet users have pointed out the price of cereals which is not particularly affordable, they explain. The Kellogg's group also increased its prices by 12% during its last financial year, reports BFMTV.& nbsp;Since 2020, the price of the group's cereals has increased by 28%, according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics.

"More fashionable"

Since 2020, the Kellogg's group, owner of the Frosties, Froot Loops and Corn Flakes brands, has been leading a campaign so that consumers eat " dinner cereal". According to the CEO, this advertising operation has proven to be effective: "Cereal for dinner is probably more fashionable now and we expect that to continue".

In 2022, the American population dedicated nearly 11% of its disposable income to food, reports the United States Department of Agriculture . The highest level observed since 1991.

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